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Would love to.
Been wishing to play this game ever since it came out.
Count me in =)
I'm in. Thanks :)
I want to try this game for some time now. Count me in! :)

Thank you for generosity!
Post edited December 05, 2012 by IronStar
I'm in.

Thank you and hooray to your low self control that gives us such great giveaways!
"I see the world itself seem to slow. Oh my. Now we're approaching relativistic speeds. Oh, senior, the stars themselves wave shifted into concentric rings of light...




Oh. It's only a cart..."

Thank you for the giveaway.
In as always - much appreciated with a +1 to boot!
How is the learning curve for this game? I am afraid I am not the most patient person these days...

Anyway, looks awesome, so I am in.

Thanks so much for your lack of self-control!
I'm in
In, thanks for the giveaway!
Please enter me as well. I've been quite keen on playing it for a while now, but sadly lacking in the funds to secure it, even with the sale. Best of luck to everyone.
Yes, please!

Thanks to you!
I'd like to enter. Thanks and +1!
I am in.Thank you!
I'm in. Thanks!
I have no self control, therefore you will have to count me in. Thank you!!