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high rated
Alright, here is part two of my giveaway. Before I unveil my most recent purchase, I have come up with some more concrete "rules" for my giveaways.

Each giveaway will run for 4 full days and will close sometime on the 5th day.

To enter, just post in this thread. To be eligible you must have registered before November 2012 and have a rep of at least 10. Sorry for legit newcomers, but I promise there will be plenty of giveaways in the future.

That's all for the rules, so now we get to the giveaway. Today I have a bright, shiny, brand new GOG code for...

FTL: Faster than Light

Good luck!

Post edited December 10, 2012 by cbean85
Colour me in!

Thanks & a great choice!
This interests me, I'm in!
yes please
cbean85: FTL: Faster than Light
MINE !!!
The game seems really interesting - I'm in :)

Oh, and +1
I'm in!
I'm in.
I'm in, thanks. +1
cbean85: Faster than Light
That's what sh...oh wait...
Post edited December 05, 2012 by Cleidophoros

I'm in!!!!
Thanks for the chance! :D
Count me in, the game looks superb :)

Thank You :)
I'm in! Thanks!