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------congratulations to Azrael360, retsuseiba and RaggieRags! And thank you so much to everyone for being just plain lovely people.---------

Due to an... interesting series of events, I've found myself in possession of codes for Runaway: A Road Adventure and Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf. I also have a steam code for Don't Starve hanging around somewhere.

So, to enter, tell me a story! About anything really, and as long or short as you like, but if you want an actual topic then go with something about running away. The winners will be random, but people with cool stories will be considered officially awesome in my eyes, which is prize enough in itself, surely!

Also, tell me which game you're entering for.

Edit: Oh, and winner chosen on the 20th!
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Me and my sponge friend caught jellyfish the other day.
I'm in for Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf... I already own Runaway (the whole series), and not really interested in Don't Starve.

So, here's an embarassing but short story...

I've always loved spicy foods and hot peppers. When I was around 15, I decided to make a frozen pizza. I covered it's entirety in sliced Jalepenos, then diced up 4 Habenero peppers and placed them on as well. I wasn't using any gloves, as I've never really had issues with hot peppers before, and I ate them very frequently.

I ate the entire pizza, and enjoyed it a lot. I drank a 2 liter of soda with it too. Not too awfully long after, I had to empty my bladder of the soda. Maybe you can see where this is going...

I went upstairs and used the bathroom. Little did I realize, hot pepper oils were on my fingers. Those oils made a transfer to a very sensitive area of my body ;) Needless to say, within about 3 minutes, I was soaking in the coldest water I could get in our bath tub, nearly crying in the fetal position. It was very "ouchie", lol...

So, thinking I learned my lesson, it came time for bed. I scrubbed my hands with tons of soap, washing about 6 times as long as normal before removing my contact lenses. Appearently no ammount of soap could get that oil off, and I burned both of my eyes while taking the lenses off! It took 2 weeks before I could wear contacts again!

Moral of the story- If you aren't careful in life, you may get burned :-P

... hmmm... I don't know if I'm exactly "awesome" for sharing that... lol... Oh well!
Hehe, but it's not funny I know. U have to sort of scrub under your nails as well.
Moonbeam: Hehe, but it's not funny I know. U have to sort of scrub under your nails as well.
It's hilarious! I laughed about it shortly afterwords! I thought I got under the nails, but obviously didn't get everything!
I'm in for Runaway, thanks. +1

Short story :D
He came, he stole the game and ran away to play it. That's all folks.
Braussie story was funny, nearly forgot to thank you for the giveaway. Not in but +1
When I was a kid I never actually did "run away", unlike my younger sister. In fact, the closest thing I did was say "Run away" (when i was ~2-3 years old), and then I would run out of whatever place I was in, but only if I got bored. I apparently did that in stores a few times, which was a minor annoyance for my parents.

I'm in for Runaway and Battle Realms, but not Don't Starve (I usually get bored too quickly with such games, even if I can enjoy them in short bursts).
The story never is impossible to tell one XD
Thanks, I'm in for Don't starve or Runaway
Not in (excuse me to be too lazy to tell a story right now) but thank you for this giveway. Battle Realms seems a great game (made by the same studio which brought us Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard) and the Runaway saga is really good (tried the 1st one and enjoyed it).
I have premonition powers. That's my story. A couple of months ago, i dreamt about a couple of friends marrying. The next day, they told us they were going to wed. Again, two nights ago, I saw in my dreams an ad about a new generation of pokemon for the 3ds. And yesterday.... I'M SCARED.

Entering for Don't Starve or Battle Realms. (And the story is true o_O)
Count me in for Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf. Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Ellyn!

Also, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:][/url]
I remember once visiting this old cemetery in my hometown with a female friend (seriously, old graveyards are very peaceful, is almost like a walk in the park, but no children, runners, cyclists and other unpleasant forms of life). ;)

Just as we passed beside the door of one of the mausoleums, came within a loud noise (like stones falling and hitting the ground). I can't say what was due, because my friend was so frightened that she insisted on running away immediately (it was daytime). :D
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I'm in for Runaway, thank you for the chance :-)

I will edit my post later for the story, I just came back from work and I'm off :-|

This is the story of a young guy. He want to change is mind, going in vacation, but he miss some money. Harg, don't care, he's gone with his bag and his feet for a really special trip. Objective: the ocean!
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Entering for Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf

Got no running away stories but this is a bit funny:

A group of senior nurses (most mid 40s+) were being trained on how to use computers. At one point they were asked to move their mouse across the screen. One of the ladies did exactly what she was told - picked up her mouse and rolled it across the screen!

Just goes to show you need to be sure what is being said is going to be taken in the way that you meant.
Not in but +1