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Payday for me is 18th of the month.
November 18th is a Monday.
By the current schedule, that makes it a Classic Gem day.

Your job is to predict the game on promo.
Just 1 entry each please.
I'll close to new entries 11:59pm 17th November.
Once the promo is revealed, the first person that got it right wins that game.


Cos GOG decided to give me a headache today & my birthday is incoming, I'm going to extend this.

My Birthday is 29th November, which is a Friday.
Assuming that GOG decides to return to the normal schedule, this will be a weekend promo day.
All current eligible entries will stay eligible.
New entries will be accepted up to 11:59pm 28th November.

Feel free to choose another entry, but, even if GOG decides to mess with me further, you won't win a second copy of Witcher 2...
Post edited November 18, 2013 by Rodzaju
How about Zork A good selection for a classic gem promo.
Thanks again, Rodzaju. +1

Perhaps Project Eden.
edit: deleting it as showed up as edited because of a double quick post whoops.
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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey..

Thank you!
Omikron: The Nomad

Thank you! +1 ^^
Maybe Myst? Thanks Rod :-)

/e: Just bought it in FALL INSOMNIA SALE!
Post edited November 13, 2013 by makr3la
I predict Advent Rising.

Thanks for the giveaway :D
I predict CRUSADER Series.
They're gonna put Tomb Raider 1+2+3 on promo. You heard it here first!
I'm guessing Gothic 2
Disciples II Gold
Privateer 2 The Darkening

thanks Rodzaju!
+1 for the giveaway, I predict The Witcher 2