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Old_Speccer: Uhhh I was replying to Siannah who finds it unacceptable to revive old threads with new information. I saw the RPS article and I remembered reading about people being annoyed with them here at GOG so I posted the link.
Siannah: That's the key point: you don't deliver new information. You don't even come up with your own opinion, just the link to RPS combined with an insult. All you did, was to try stirring up trouble.

Then you reply with pointing me out as a "social justice warrior"? Yeah, you're not even interested in a discussion (believe me - neither am I), you just wanted to throw some more shit around...
Well if you are not interested in a discussion why come on this thread and start moaning about reviving this thread? You just wanted to throw some shit around it seems ;)
And here is my opinion on RPS - a gold mine of information for PC gamers combined with a strange male feminism movement. One look at their "About Us" page and you will notice that they are all males which is a bit strange considering how much they try to promote females in the gaming industry!