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I want to try Arcania and Divine Divinity: Ego Draconis.... there my 2 RPGs i want to grab next.... who knows maybe the drm was patched out by now and I'll have an enjoyable experiance
KneeTheCap: I like Risen much, much more than Gothic 3. It's not as good as Gothic 2, but a fine game nevertheless. And it has Sarah Connor, Gollum and Gimli in it :)
kodeen: It did? Who were they?
John Rhys-Davies voices Don Estaban, Andy Serekis the Inquisitor, and Lena Headey Patty.

Magnificent game, despite the second part.
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Risen is €9.99 on Steam Daily sale today, a good price, its $30 on gamersgate.
F1ach: Risen is €9.99 on Steam Daily sale today, a good price, its $30 on gamersgate.
Beware though! Steam version has limited activations DRM. Retail doesn't.
That is true to a certain extent.

3 Activations across three computers, but the activations can be re-used again after 45 days.

Unlimited activations on one PC.

Risen can be activated 3x on different hardware configurations. Each completed activation is automatically revoked after 45 days, so that this activation slot is available again. However this doesn't mean that Risen can be installed on 3 different computers at the same time. Due to the license agreement (that you accepted during installation) it is not allowed to install the game on more than one computer at the same time. If you do not change either the operating system or the hardware configuration there is no activation limit at all.
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