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Nordwolf: It would be nice, if we were able to watch this video in Germany, too... I get the notice that it is not available in my country due to legal issues with the music in the video (music from SME; and the GEMA [our lovely agency for music rights] does not share the rights for this) :-(
Entschuldigung! We're working on making the video available for you.
G-Doc: Entschuldigung! We're working on making the video available for you.
JMich: Do you mind if I upload it somewhere else in the meantime?
We'd prefer to keep it on our YT channel, as this is exclusive content, but thanks for your offer! We'll try to get this corrected as soon as possible.

Just to provide some explanation: The video is blocked for Germany because there's a piece of classical music used in it, that has copyright restrictions for that particular country. There was no way the guys from Interceptor could anticipate that :-/
While we're trying to fix this thing, maybe this can help you:

EDIT: crap, nevermind. doesn't work :-(
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DukeNume: Little question for the contest. We need to use only the DIY pack stuff or we can add some of our stuff like voice, music and recorded video?
It's absolutely your call! As long as you don't use copyrighted material any creative idea you might have is fine by us.
F4LL0UT: This is like the tenth time I've missed the chance to "ask a developer a question". It's been one or two times that I've noticed it before the results are shown. Seriously, when was this announced? Was it only as part of "this week on GOG" whereas in the past this always got its own news post or something? I'm confused, and the walls are getting closer and there's a flying dog outside my window devouring random people. Aaaaaah!

Also, are we only allowed to use the resources provided in the package or can we also use resources that were say released to the public domain or we create ourselves?
The Q&A session was announced when we started the pre-orders.

As for the trailer--sky is the limit! As long as you don't use anything that would make your video blocked by YouTube, there's absolutely nothing you can't do within your minute of screentime. :-D
Flaose: [...]

Hope this helps anyone who wants to make a video but hasn't been able to!
You rock, good guy Dafe :-D Thanks man!

Ok, two quick notes:

1. People who got their questions into the Q&A video. You'll be getting your free games within 24 hours. We're a bit understaffed right now (vacation), and I had no time to send you your prizes. Sorry!

2. As for the contest itself: there's a lot of great videos already, some of them very original and unconventional. This is a good thing! We love originality. For that sake, I'd like to state that once again: everything goes! Every crazy idea you might think of, that won't get your content blocked by YT, is fine by us. You don't have to limit yourself to game footage only!
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refaelba: [...]
Any chance I can enter with it, or do I have to put in the end to be eligible?
I hope there's a GOG person here who can answer, because I did put a lot of work into that.
If you could only re-cut it, so it *does* follow the contest rules, sure! I think it's quite brilliant and I would love to have it among the entries. But as long as it doesn't follow the guidelines, it wouldn't be fair to other contestants.
G-Doc: But as long as it doesn't follow the guidelines, it wouldn't be fair to other contestants.
Narushima: Like not using exclusively what's in the package?
There is no rule that would limit you to just the contents of the package.
Final call for your submissions! There's only 20 minutes left to get your video in the contest. We won't accept entries after this deadline, so even if your trailer is still uploading, this would be the time to post a link here.
Aaaaaand the winners are:

1st place, Munkee79, with his Old School Is New Again trailer This entry is not only very well prepared, but it also points out the game's coolest nostalgic features in a way that's both clear and quite humorous. Out of the three winning videos it's the one that might be least over-the-top crazy, but it also comes closest to what a trailer should be. We think that it could easily replace the release trailer made by Interceptor ;-) Munkee79, 7 bonus codes for games up to $9.99 go to you!

2rd place, refaelba, with A Message from Gib We loved the nostalgic feeling, original take on the topic, great stylisation, and nice additional sound effects. When it comes to style this one is by far our favorite. 5 bonus codes awarded!

3nd place, Dropkick1BE, with the Q&A Redux Trailer We really enjoyed the original idea behind this entry. The execution is solid as well and on top of that, this was one of the first trailers that presented some out-of-the-box thinking. 3 bonus codes go to you!

Both Interceptor and we also liked the Dubstep Trailer, by PepsiDude002, but sadly we cannot award it anything, as it uses copyrighted music.

Thank you all for participating in the contest. Hope you had fun!

The awards have now been sent to winners via forum PMs.
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