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Natefk: Question: Can you use game footage (if its your own) from the '95 version or is it resource pack only?
G-Doc: As for the trailer--sky is the limit! As long as you don't use anything that would make your video blocked by YouTube, there's absolutely nothing you can't do within your minute of screentime. :-D
So yeah, free reign basically!
You want ingenuity, insanity, creativity, and videoity? Here you go!
G-Doc: It's absolutely your call! As long as you don't use copyrighted material any creative idea you might have is fine by us.
Damn it, I need a sound clip that is available in the Q&A but not in the material provided. Can I use it or is that copyrighted material?

Edit: Seems like I need a bit more than a soundclip from the Q&A, time to see what I cut and where...
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Haven't been doing video editing for a while, but here you go :)
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This was a lot of fun to put together, check out my video!

Lambda462: Gah, my video editor crashes (Vegas Movie Studio Platinum '11) whenever I import the video file. I guess I'll skip on the competition... :(
I had some serious problems with the .mp4 file as well, eventually I found a program that would accept it and converted it to WMV in order to work on it in my program of choice.

JMich: Damn it, I need a sound clip that is available in the Q&A but not in the material provided. Can I use it or is that copyrighted material?
I doubt that Interceptor or would be upset if you used any of the Q&A material in a ROTT promotional video, but it might be best for official word.

Speaking of which, are we allowed to monetize our videos? Or is that a big no-no?
Here's my trailer!

EDIT: I noticed the video quality was kinda bad so I've re-uploaded it
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So if we can only use the materials provided, does that mean I can't use Havana Smooth from ROTT 2013 in my video? I kinda had a cool idea for a trailer that would work best with that song.
Here's mine: /watch?v=gM5D1U-Kf08

My video editing software was complete crap so it has those screen jitters in between shots, don't know why it did that.

Also the Fraps FPS in the upper right corner is there because the only way I could get the clips was to re record them because Sony Vegas kept crashing when I tried to import them.
I've been enjoying the trailers, especially PepsiDude002's (though I wonder if the music is under copyright protection)!

I sure hope Adagio in G Minor (Track03.mp3) get's some love before the end of the contest though, as much as I enjoy the other two tracks some variety is always welcome.
Are you guys kidding? I made a fan trailer before this competition was even announced!
Check it out, it's very original!

A Message from Gib:

Any chance I can enter with it, or do I have to put in the end to be eligible?
I hope there's a GOG person here who can answer, because I did put a lot of work into that.

-- EDIT: I have submitted a new and compliant version of the trailer at page 5. --

A Message from Gib - ROTT fan trailer by RefaelBA
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made one :D
I included footage from the Q&A, check it out :)
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Doubt it's in the kit (and i'm too lazy to mess with it) but I would've opened fading into a large room with the red glowing sentence "YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE" maddeningly written all over its walls and then faded back out to black again pausing two seconds and playing a familiar moaning wave faintly. Then the text August 1st 2013 switching to GOG's splash.
This is my try of a fan trailer :)
I know we can probably only submit one trailer, but I had so much fun creating the first trailer that I couldn't help making another celebrating the return of Dog Mode!