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Can't see why Disney should sell anything to a little site called which we all love!
RaggieRags: Sure, a friend I fell out of touch years ago because he became kind of a douchebag and we had nothing in common anymore, but we had our time.
Haha, same feeling here. Nice way of putting it.
Good night Grizabella, LA had seen better days but was a grand old lady nonetheless.
They died years ago and from that article it looks like their old titles could show up on GOG (or most likely Steam)
This is sad news. I guess I can kiss dreams of seeing ever a Tie Fighter remake/reboot goodbye.
Give me Grim Fandango,KOTOR & Republic Commando Please.
No Battlefront III but at least we have Star Wars: Kinect to keep us occupied for years to come.
kalmis666: This is sad news. I guess I can kiss dreams of seeing ever a Tie Fighter remake/reboot goodbye.
Don't give up hope. Disney is actually pretty good about licensing out their properties for people to make games. It's possible they do have some long-term projects in mind with LucasArts properties.

On the other hand they could only be interested in Angry Birds Star Wars...

Time will tell, but what we internet dwellers can do is make our case to Disney to let developers do justice to SW and other LucasArts brands, and to make those older games available in places like GOG.
mrking58: They died years ago
That's what my brain tells me, but my poor heart has clung to the vain hope it might make a comeback some day.

Let me correct the statement I made earlier: I feel like my friend died who has been in a coma for the past 10 years with very little hope of recovery. I know he was braindead but I guess I never gave up hope completely. Alas!

Let us hold a silent moment in the memory of LucasArts.


Okay, I'm done.
LucasArts just announced It is moving to a licensing model for games, moving away from development.
Not sure how the timing of this works with the closure announcement, but he's likely referring to how Disney is going to manage the company IPs.
I would say that GOG, Telltale. and Double Fine are the best candidates for being LucasArts licensees. GOG for the back catalog, with Telltale making an new Indiana Jones game or perhaps Maniac Mansion 3. If we get really lucky, a capable developer would make a TIE Fighter sequel set sometime around Episode VII.
Higher and higher budgets for games without the sales to back it up? No worries industry, Call of Duty still sells well! Keep doing what you're doing!
Dun dun dun.
Well, Disney didn't shut LucasArts down or anything.
It's just their development arm that's closed, and since their last games have been not so stellar, I don't understand how anyone can actually be sad about that - it's not even the same teams that developed all of the fan favourites. I mean, sure it sucks for the employees like with any lay-off, but from a gamers perspective?

It might even give us better games based on their IPs, because they could license them now to companies that are a bit better than them...

And I don't think that will have any influence at all over whether or not LucasArts' games will appear here.
Like mrking58 said, LucasArts died a long time ago. Disney just put it out its misery. The question is whether the back catalog ends up in Disney's vault ...or trash heap. :/

Larnackel: Can't see why Disney should sell anything to a little site called which we all love!
For great justice.
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