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System Shock 2™, the cult classic FPS/RPG Sci-Fi techno-thriller that will pump you full of adrenaline and haunt your dreams forever, is finally available on, DRM-free with bonus high-quality soundtrack, for only $9.99.

In 2072 a series of tragic events led 3030313 03031313to destruction of TriOptimum Corporation space station Citadel. The only person who could explain what occurred, a hacke03031 3031303131r whose identity remains classified, has fallen off the 303131303130grid after being recovered as sole survivor. According to his testimony collected by the TriOptimum Security, the3131303031303 station's AI known as SHODAN went rogue and wiped Citadel clean of humans. The hacker als130313 130313o mentioned the AI conducting genetic13031 experiments on the crew, proclaiming itself a god, and trying to escape in the jettisoned command bridge, leaving the station to30313 1303 self-destruct. Those elements of the survivor's statement were partially dismissed as impro030313 0303131bable. However, TriOptimum did 303031303130313131 recognize the threat of unchecked AI 30303130303031303030 development and imposed strict limitations303030 31303030303131 in that field, preventing any danger30313130 3130303130313 of future incidents1313031303030. A next-gen certified human31313030303031303131-friendly AI is, in fact, controlling the Von Braun--3030313030303131the first vessel in the history of mankind, capable of faster-than-light travel. The very ship you 303031303130313are stationed on. This mission 13031 313030briefing message was brought to303031303 you by TriOptimum Corporation0303031 to provide historical mission background. TriOptimum--we care for your safety.

System Shock 2™, the masterpiece of immersive storytelling, legendary for delivering arguably the most terrifying experience in the history of computer games, arrives on In this perfect mixture of FPP shooter and RPG, with an enthralling cyberpunk thriller story, you will face horror beyond imagination and unspeakable danger. This is one of the games that left the gaming world's landscape changed forever. The elusive smash-hit made it to the first spot of our community wishlist and remained there for what seems like eternity. Now you can finally re-visit the dark corridors of the star ship Von Braun. Or maybe you didn't get the chance to play that gem yet? If that's the case, brace yourself for impact that will leave you deeply shocked! System Shock 2™ on It. Is. Here.

Aim for the stars and end up in hell. Get System Shock 2™, finally offically re-released for modern OS-es, for only $9.99 on
DCT: really? it seems to me it finally stopped or at the very least slowed to a crawl as it's slipped down to second place on the front page and it's been sitting below Divine Divinity on the "overall sales chart" for a few days now. Still jumping from the bottom all the way up to where it is now in the first two weeks of release and without being on sale once is impressive for a new release.
GameRager: I think another GOGger said that DD sold a buttload of copies, so SS2 may very well be selling up until this very moment, but we couldn't tell without live/semi-live sales numbers and/or when it bypasses another title on the game listings. :\
Totally forgot about the pay what you want Divinity sale
Now I see creatures village on top of bestseller list. the faq?
lukaszthegreat: Now I see creatures village on top of bestseller list. the faq?
The list occasionally goes wonky for me. Try a hard-refresh or exit and come back.
In fact it's just made it past not only Divine Divinity, but also the mighty Master of Magic (although looking at the titles, it's probably fair to label everything "the mighty" at this point in the proceedings :)
Well, good as "Legend of Grimrock" is, I'm pleased to see SS2 move past the newer game at last (now into position 28). With the exceptions of the two "Witcher" games (which are unsurprisingly near the top of the list), there are nothing but genuine old classics above SS2 now! (Some people might question Fallout Tactics, I suppose, but that's next on the hit list in any case :)

I see that the weekend strategy sale has knocked it from the top of the Current Best Seller list. It looks like it's time for "King of Dragon Pass" to advance up the list some more (KODP was the last game for which I paid attention to the rankings like this, as it had a really excellent run for such a little-known title).
I see that SS2 has finally made it past Duke Nukem 3D. I took a look at the end of the summer sale to see if that had happened, but Duke still had the advantage, so it's obviously just tipped over sometime in the past several days.

That makes it the best-selling first-person game on GOG! (with the sole exception of Freespace 2, which is a pretty different genre of game).
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Yup still stuck behind Sim City 2000 in 23rd place....
I like to know why the first System Shock can't be here?

Also does that game control exactly like Ultima Underworld?
Elmofongo: I like to know why the first System Shock can't be here?
Cause it was published by Origin Systems I guess.
Also does that game control exactly like Ultima Underworld?
Same engine as UU2, but modified. You can lean right and left, look up and down, crouch and crawl. Plus it was fully 3D (not just that fake 2.5D of Doom). In 1994 System Shock was was like the Enterprise appearing from warp-space when everyone else was still using old shuttle rockets.