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Beating back some balance into the world.

Sudeki, a vibrant anime-ish action-RPG with exciting real-time battles and a robust character development system, is available on for only $5.99.

Sudeki, a world torn apart into light, shadow and dark. Rent asunder by deceit and betrayal, the land cries out for a peace that only four united heroes can bring. Beyond the protective walls of Illumina Castle lie miles of pastoral, rolling countryside, though once a serene landscape, the Aklorian forces have transformed the countryside into a charred battlefield. Simply passing through the region is unsafe, as travellers must be ever alert for ambushes. Four friends have joined together to aid their queen. Though destined to encounter ancient gods, primordial wonders, and marvellous inventions, foes and betrayal haunt their every step. A keen eye could prove vital, exposing essential clues. And as the companions make their way through darkness and light, they’ll discover that those two extremes have more in common than they once imagined… With real-time, bone-crunching combat with incredible spells and combos, the ability to control any one of the four champions at any time, and skip between them at will, and the power to customize each character's armor, weapons, and spells and evolve new powerful attacks, this colorful action-RPG title is a real blast to play!

When Europeans experiment with the anime aesthetics interesting things happen, and Sudeki is a perfect example of that rule. Check it out, for only $5.99 on
high rated
AdamR: The Steam version supports XP. This does not?
We had some issues on *some* Windows XP installs that occurred on random systems with XP and we couldn't solve them :(
Leroux: That cover, lol. Almost puts X-Blades to shame. :D

Anyway, why are there so few and so vague screenshots? Looks more like some generic screenshots offered by the publisher than some actual playthrough by a member of the GOG staff ... In any case, they don't give a good impression about actual gameplay. Well, at least the trailer offers a few seconds of gameplay footage, I guess. ;)
Screenshots fixed :) Should be 12 screens showing now :)
Post edited April 24, 2014 by JudasIscariot
JudasIscariot: Screenshots fixed :) Should be 12 screens showing now :)
Leroux: Much better, thanks! :)
Yeah, sorry about that, for some odd reason I totally forgot to remove the placeholder screens BEFORE release :/
high rated
JudasIscariot: Yeah, sorry about that, for some odd reason I totally forgot to remove the placeholder screens BEFORE release :/
Leroux: Np. I think it's awesome that you guys create your own screenshots, and several of them, instead of just using non-descript and pre-fabricated material similar to the placeholder screens. The only reason why I noticed something was off is that your usual quality standards are so high that I couldn't believe this was right. :)
Thanks. Our QA team is great about getting screens on the fly although I think they get slightly annoyed at me when I pull a Michael Bay and demand !!EXPLOSIONS!! and other things...

I think I even told them we should photoshop explosions into Blackwell Epiphany buuuut I am not good at photochopping :P