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Be a Goal-Scoring Superstar Hero!

Sensible World of Soccer, the ultimate installment of the 1990s favorite pixelated sports game, with in-depth management options and over 29 000 real-life players you can pick for your dream-team, is now available on, for only $5.99.

This game occupies a unique place in history: considered Best Amiga Game of All Time (by Amiga Power) and included in Stanford University's list of "the ten most important video games of all time" alongside such groundbreaking titles as Space Wars, Tetris, SimCity and Doom, there is more to this sports game than you might think. So what makes it such an amazing title? It combines an elegant simplicity of gameplay--there are eight directions of travel and single key to pass, shoot, head, and interact with the game--with authenticity and a deep career mode, where you must manage an entire soccer club or team as well as play the games.

In Sensible World of Soccer the controls are simple, but don't think the game is easy; it realistically models all of the players who were active in the sport at the time, and while if your finger-twitching skills aren't up to snuff you can still watch your team's games unfold in Coach Mode, you'll find that the A.I. poses a respectable challenge regardless of whether you're playing on the field or managing your team in the league.

Don't be fooled by the fact that this football--erm, soccer--game lacks the features of the most recent FIFA games Sensible World of Soccer is a true gem, and one that clearly has inspired the entire genre of sports games. Get it now for only $5.99 on
Was a big fan of SWOS on the Amiga. I just downloaded this but I thought I would be able to play it using my xbox360 joypad but it seems not.

This game just is not the same without playing it on a joystick.

Anyone know a compatible joystick for this game?
Use joy2key or xpadder, so you can assign the keyboard controls to your controller. There are only five keys used in the game after all, which are the four arrow keys and the left CTRL key.
Seems complicated, will SWOS recognise the Xbox 360 controller after I do this joytokey?
It will work . Also if not you will try xpadder :)
I managed to do it on joy2key, Im now playing SWOS on a joypad once again, thanks for your help.
Speaking about the manual :

Don't you think Playaveli deserves the credits if GOG used his work ?
Ah! we all like abit of footie, I just prefer mine under the table :) Nice release GOG.
ne_zavarj: Don't you think Playaveli deserves the credits if GOG used his work ?
Because he knows how to use the scanner? :D The manual is Codemaster's IP, so no. They don't "deserve" anything.
Thexder: Out of curiosity, anyone knows the EXACT release date for this, in the US or in Europe? I somehow think that January 1st, 1996 is just an estimate by GOG, no?

(Like, are the file dates still intact and reveal when the "Gold Floppy" was done?)

Not sure about the 96/97 edition but the version I still own on PC CD was released in early 1995 shortly after the 1994 Amiga release. This version I believe is the same as the '95 release but with the European Championship added in.

Was the game even released in the States originally?
i always liked kick off 3 over sensible soccer, but damn, this one was an awesome piece of software. maybe its engine was a bit too exploitable (if you could align a shot just next to the post it was 99% goal, or with fast+good handling player you could run straight for one of the posts, wait for the keeper to walk toward you, make a u turn on the far side, wait for the keeper to follow you more and score with a diagonal shot) but just the database was worth every dime.
between the huge database and the market i've rarely had as much fun with another football game.
Krankor: Is there a way to enable gamepad/joystick via the MACOS version or is it limited to keyboard?

Cheers ;)
You need to use enjoy2,. Is a small OSX program to map gamepad inputs to keyboard or mouse. It´s not very difficult to configure.

First, configure your controller with enjoy2 and press start in the program and don´t close it. And then load sensible soccer. You need always to load both, enjoy2 and sensible soccer at the same time.

85 MB for a manual? Does it explain the offside rule or something? :D