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Be a Goal-Scoring Superstar Hero!

Sensible World of Soccer, the ultimate installment of the 1990s favorite pixelated sports game, with in-depth management options and over 29 000 real-life players you can pick for your dream-team, is now available on, for only $5.99.

This game occupies a unique place in history: considered Best Amiga Game of All Time (by Amiga Power) and included in Stanford University's list of "the ten most important video games of all time" alongside such groundbreaking titles as Space Wars, Tetris, SimCity and Doom, there is more to this sports game than you might think. So what makes it such an amazing title? It combines an elegant simplicity of gameplay--there are eight directions of travel and single key to pass, shoot, head, and interact with the game--with authenticity and a deep career mode, where you must manage an entire soccer club or team as well as play the games.

In Sensible World of Soccer the controls are simple, but don't think the game is easy; it realistically models all of the players who were active in the sport at the time, and while if your finger-twitching skills aren't up to snuff you can still watch your team's games unfold in Coach Mode, you'll find that the A.I. poses a respectable challenge regardless of whether you're playing on the field or managing your team in the league.

Don't be fooled by the fact that this football--erm, soccer--game lacks the features of the most recent FIFA games Sensible World of Soccer is a true gem, and one that clearly has inspired the entire genre of sports games. Get it now for only $5.99 on
Soccer. Sensible I think...
And here it comes, my favorite game of all time! :D

Thank you, will buy it right away.
This is great news! I have been waiting for this one since I've known about GOG.
A good old games with multilanguage support? Instabuy.
Wow! Thank you so much GOG for bringing one of the best soccer games ever. This is an amazing release! I have so many memories with Sensible Soccer games...
Agreed, best soccer ever. Love it, especially audio aspects of this game!:-)
Never knew it was called as the best Amiga game, as a pc-only player but with friends with an amiga I had the feeling Kick Off 2 had a bigger reputation there. But yes, it's a great game and beside Microprose Soccer (from the same developer and so the inofficial prequel) and Fifa International Soccer it belongs to my personal football classics for the pc. Well written description from gog btw, easy to control but still challenging to play. Great release.

Edit: Matt Barton did an interview (splitted in three videos) with Jon Hare from Sensible Software a while ago. In that he explained the idea he wanted Sensible Soccer to be (something like to be middle in the action and not the tv-like tactical overview). They don't talk about Sensible Soccer only, so maybe also interesting to watch for folks who are interested in Cannon Fodder, Wizball or Sensible Software in general:
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Does this have 2 player? and is it still playable?
Although I really dislike footie and the FiFA games, I kind of liked the Sensible series.. probably because of the aesthetics. Probably won't be getting this, but a good addition to the site.
It's always a good thing when an underrepresented genre is added to.
Yeah! Thanks for this release GOG, one of the most addicting game of my early childhood :-)

LOTS of amazing releases lately!
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Damn, look at the roster and club names. Authentic and fully licensed.
Where is the german language?
Rincewind81: Where is the german language?
Score a goal and you'll hear the commentator speak in German :D.
Rincewind81: Where is the german language?
As far as I remember you can switch languages ingame.