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Because how many times can you quest for glory?

Quest for Infamy, the all-in-one spiritual successor, a passionate tribute, and a heartfelt parody of the beloved Sierra's Quest for Glory adventure game series, is available on, for $19.99.

Quest for Infamy is a role-playing adventure game where you assume the identity of Mr. Roehm - a scoundrel who is on the run from his latest scrape. When he is stuck in the Valley of Krasna for a bit, he decides to take on some work to pass the time. He finds himself in the middle of Kingdom in turbulence - as he becomes embroiled in a power struggle between several ambitious residents of the Valley. Make yourself some money to move on with, and try and avoid controversy as you bide your time before you can leave the valley. Defend yourself from monsters and brutes who would do you harm! Build a reputation for yourself - and you just might find yourself not avoiding trouble, but on a quest for infamy!

If you're feeling it has been too long since the last time you went on a point-and-clicking quest, accept the challenge of the Quest for Infamy, for $19.99 on!
itsmattc: Dang. Lots of crazy talk. I just want to talk about the game.
fronzelneekburm: !!!

fronzelneekburm: My question kind of got lost in the general hubbub: Will there be a way to obtain the full soundtrack at some point?

Yes! I'm working on that now - I'll let you know as soon as it's available in full!

htown1980: I would describe it as nor-west-west :)
You're right. Well the direction is west-northwest (WNW). ;)
htown1980: I would describe it as nor-west-west :)
Gydion: You're right. Well the direction is west-northwest (WNW). ;)
I realised that after I posted it. I prefer nor-west-west, however :p
fronzelneekburm: !!!

My question kind of got lost in the general hubbub: Will there be a way to obtain the full soundtrack at some point?
Blackthorne519: Fronzel

Yes! I'm working on that now - I'll let you know as soon as it's available in full!

Hey Bt, any idea when the mac version will be out? [no rush from me, I have waited this long already] :)
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Hey HTown,

Yes, the Mac version should be out Shortly - when I know for sure, I'll let you know. I think GoG should have it soon here.

Found some bugs and discrepancies, here ya go.


At the river crossing where you can get smooth stones, drinking from the river while on the opposite bank would create a loop of events: Roehm crossing the stream back and forth.

When speaking to Prospero ("something else"), the dialog scroll would be blank. However, scrolling upwards would reveal the standard choices for speaking with him.


Roehm is willing to pick up a hot coal with his bare hands, but isn't willing to use the tongs. Masochistic fellow, isn't he?

Thank you for the reports. 1D made me crack up. Hahah.... sometimes you do get a bit sadistic on your own creations, don't you?

Found some minor bugs.

When attempting to place tobacco in the Killington chimney on day 2, the response dialogue has no voice, and has "5290" at the front of the message.

You can set the treants on fire multiple times with magic.

More discrepancies:

If you enter Tyr during the 2nd day's morning via the aquaduct and exit the city through the front, Voleris won't take notice, even if you met her earlier.

The application of the hacksaw to the head is possible before meeting the necromancer. Also, the guy in the booth doesn't respond to this. Ditto with sticking a sword into the head. Strangely, you won't be able to collect the blood until you pursue the sorceror's path. You also won't receive infamy, even though Roehm is clearly far too obsessed with mutilating dead things.
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Another bug, another day:

Time passes while playing the archery mini-game. This can be issue if an event is triggered while involved with the mini-game. In my case, I had the "play again?" dialogue box when it was time for Roehm to confront the bully.

There is what I call a Time Warp in respect to the Killington Chimney. If you obtain the seal before nightfall, time will advance to night for the cutscene. However, if you receive the seal sometime after night has fallen, you can actually reverse time to the beginning of night. Roehm has the makings of a chronomancer...

While inside the Mayor's house at night, you can hide behind a curtain. The problem is that when you try to enter the living quarters while the Mayor is making his way back, he will spot Roehm and cause the death screen. Unfortunately, if the dialogue about the living quarters is happening at this time, it will cause the game to enter a skull-loop. You won't be able to load a saved game or quit. (CTRL+ALT+DEL still works, fortunately.)

You can quickly increase your magic power by attempting the Cloud spell nearby the Tyr balcony when people can spot you. Spamming the spell's icon will gradually increase your magic points. It might be possible to improve lockpicking in similar conditions.
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