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Pretty deadly little thing.

Captain, I have some new information regarding "The Aristocrats". No, they're still laying low after their last heist, so low that we haven't seen Don or Freddie since the meeting with "The Boss". Someone might've hid them underground but we won't know for sure just now. Anyway, there's a new girl that was seen with Rick Fermione. She from outta town, don know exactly where. Seems a member of the borguise. It's bourgeoisie? Don't know sir, some fancy stuff I don't get--pearls, caviars, and champagnes, sir. Yes, one of my boys is following her. Yes, I know this is very delicate matter. Oh, the mayor... no, of course, no, I mean I'll talk to... Yes sir. No one seen. The report, yes. The last thing, sir--and this is a little bit unexpected--it looks like "The Aristocrats" are planning to move to a new district, any moment now. Can't tell for sure, but my bet is Connecticut Ave. We'll see. Will do, sir. Goodbye.

Omerta: City of Gangsters, an organized crime simulation you have been playing for the last couple of weeks just got bigger with The Con Artist DLC. There's a new henchman to recruit, new weapon, and a new district up for grabs. Experience "the greatest con of all time" in this action-packed expansion for only $4.99 on

Requires the base game Omerta: City of Gangsters on GOG in order to play.
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Roman5: GOG was always about delivering value to Gamers, if we get more of this nonsense in the future then the core values of this site can start to break apart piece by piece was build upon a foundation of delivering the best value to gamers. We know gamers are not stupid, and we know they won't buy anything we serve just because it's there. Of course we'd like to include all the DLCs, extra materials, soundtracks for free, but that's not always possible. For some of the games, it's possible to bundle all the expansions (or DLCs) in one package, for some it ain't. I can understand that you might be afraid that we're losing our values, but we're not. All we want is DELIVER the games. At the end, it's always YOU who decide--buy or skip. And we'd rather give you that choice now.
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Howdy, guys. I'm on vacation in Paris with family, so apologies for my slow response. This is a sensitive topic, so I don't blame Judas for leaving this up to me to answer. :)

As many of you have noted:'s move into new gaming nearly a year ago--which many of you guys have supported with your wallets--more or less required that we start selling DLC. As game explore new business models--such as DLC--we are required to adapt to match these new models or else avoid offering these games at all. Since games such as Omerta offer a lot to classic gamers who want to try something new, we have decided to start offering DLC for those gamers who would like to purchase it.

You are, of course, free to "vote with your wallets". If we see that games with DLC do noticeably worse than games without, we're probably not going to sign games with plans to release downloadable content in the future.

There are some catches, though. One of which is when great games that we've signed end up developing DLC after they've found their game is very successful. One example of this is something like Legend of Grimrock, which did excellently on, and which the devs eventually talked about making an expansion for until they decided to break it out inro a whole new sequel. if they'd decided to add an expansion pack as a DLC, would you rather that we never add it? That we only add it after a year or two? We can't add DLC at our own costs, or else quickly finds ourself no longer a business, but instead a charity where we give you all of our profits to maks sure that your DLCs remain free.

In order to justify the fact that we're taking your money for new games--games that have launched new on as well as other stores--we need to offer DLC that these developers have created as soon as we can, or else we'll be offering inferior games for sale. Which, as I'm sure you can imagine, will make no one happy. :)

Of course, we're going to listen to you on how you think we should present these games to make it clear to you that there's more to it than the base purchase. And--of course--we will continue to do everything that we can to make your purchase feel special and loaded with goodies and customer love.

It's been a long time since we established our core values as "DRM-Free, Fair Prices, and Customer Love." We don't have any intent of abandoning this in the near future--or ever--so we hope you're willing to be part of this experiment (as one of many that we're trying out this year) to see if signing new games with DLC works for us.

And for you.
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hedwards: Exactly, there are some things which are likely to get folks riled up and I'm a bit surprised that they didn't see this coming and reschedule either the vacation or the release or gotten prepared for this in some other fashion.

It would be like releasing steam keys for the games here. What the precise reaction would be isn't certain, but you can be certain that people would feel very strongly about it.
orcishgamer: Because the DLC came out "now" and he can have a life? I mean, haven't we both argued that Americans die earlier because they work too damned much? As it is, he still logged in to say something, if that is from vacation that's probably a lot more than we deserve. For all we know he's attending a funeral, but it doesn't really matter if he's frolicking with co-eds on a nude beach in the south of France, it's his personal time and he's entitled to it.
My wife would not be amused if I was frolicking with co-eds on a beach. :P No, I was taking time off with family to go have fun. I'll be back in the office on Monday.

In the meantime, I did want to respond to something I've seen a lot of: people are talking about the fact that has always sold the completest version of a game that we can, and they feel that offering DLC for sale means that we are no longer doing that.

I'd argue that this is the exact opposite: if we sell a game and *don't* offer DLC for it that is available for sale elsewhere, we aren't offering the complete game for sale anymore. The simple fact is that new games don't always *have* complete collections available, because they're adding to the game after the release. can't just demand that we get expanded content for free when it comes out. One, it's not fair to the developer to do so. Two, it would probably get us laughed right out of the office. It will never happen. If there's a "Platinum Edition" of a game, wil we get it? Yeah, if we can. Will it be the same price as the original game? Who knows? This hasn't happened yet, and I can't speculate usefully. The reality of the situation is that new games are different than old ones. When we sold only older games, it's possible to sell complete collections of them--usually--and we're glad to do it. New games are more vital, more filled with life and changes and unpredictable developments.

We have--throughout all of the exciting changes that has been part of since I joined 2+ years ago--kept our core values in the center of all of the decisions that we make at DRM-free games. Fair prices. Customer Love. This decision--like the others--is informed by those values. We looked at some of the games that we think will be very exciting to add to our calaog here at GOG, games we think you guys will all love, and many of them are talking about planning DLC. We decided that as part of providing you guys with the best gaming experience on the 'Net, we had to be able to offer DLC here as well.

Hopefully, you can understand why we made this decision and, whether you're a fan of DLC or not, at least see that the decisions that we made were ones that we believe will make a better place for you--and many other gamers, too.
Kristian: Company officials being under the mistaken impression that FreeBSD is a Linux distro doesn't bode well for the basis of their Linux related decisions. The facts that they are so badly misinformed about Linux makes me take the opposite stance of you and be very certain that they won't provide Linux versions ever.
Reading through this whole thread here to catch up and thought I'd chime in on this--which I was unaware constituted a gaffe--that calling FreeBSD a Linux distro may have been imprecise, but when you have an open source Unix-based operating system that aims for binary compatibility with Linux, I trust you can forgive if, for sake of convenience, I lump it in with Linux distros despite the fact that it has obvious differences in license, project scope, and code maintenance. I regularly use two Linux OSes (Mint and PupEEE Linux), and MacOS, of course, uses FreeBSD and NetBSD elements heavily. Don't think that we're uneducated about the OS. We have researched Linux gaming. We continue to research it. And if and when we have a good solution for Linux gaming, we'll let you all know.

Further, saying that adding a new platform to the service is the same as adding DLC for a game that is on the OS we support is disingenuous at best. It's like comparing apples and p-brane string theory; there's not a lot of overlap, although you could say, "Apples exist in space. P-brane string theory discusses the existence of dimensions which bound all of perceivable space, and therefore apples as well. So it's the same thing, really." Saying that we should add Linux binaries and not support them overlooks the entire reason why we don't have Linux gaming at this very instant, and I've addressed that before, several times.

But I guess I'm OT for the thread anyway. :P
011284mm: I feel sorry for the intern who has to go through all this and pick out the important parts.
Adzeth: Heresy! It is no intern! It is the T himself that wades through this swamp of emotion, his magic wand of justice ready to zap any mavericks he happens to come by! I believe!
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One other item worth adding here, which is that we are currently working on a way to add a notice on a game card when a game contains DLC and it should roll out soon-ish. I don't know what we'll be doing about product pages for DLC, but do trust that we're keeping your comments in mind as we look at what may happen with future releases and DLC.
TheEnigmaticT: One other item worth adding here, which is that we are currently working on a way to add a notice on a game card when a game contains DLC and it should roll out soon-ish. I don't know what we'll be doing about product pages for DLC, but do trust that we're keeping your comments in mind as we look at what may happen with future releases and DLC.
Sabin_Stargem: I have a question, if I may? Would it be possible for GOG to guarantee the availability of pre-order DLC that was tied to specific stores, provided it is some time after the initial release?
Hm. I'd say we can't ever guarantee anything. Each partner has their own contracts, negotiations, and obligations to other parties.
JMich: List of games removed.
I'm sorry to say, but your memory seems to be failing you. I have no problems saying this, since you won't remember it in a few minutes :P
BreOl72: *lol*
I really could have, I'm getting old...wait, ...where am I...who am ...?
EDIT: Aaah,...after scanning your list, I remember:

I originally came to, to look for Vietcong (and Fist Alpha), only to find, they didn't sell it.
But however, I did find Second Sight and that's the one, I did put on my wishlist (had the retail version bought only one or two months before).
And someday it was removed from the store...if only I had known before... I had bought it, despite my retail-version.

Aah, the human brain...funny, how it works, eh...?
Just in case the boys in blue read this...Vitcong....Second Sight...*wink, wink*...come on, guys, you know, what to do!
We can't read :(