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The famed campaigns of Alexander the Great, Hannibal, and Julius Caesar.

Great Battles Collector's Edition, an anthology of three realistic classic turn-based historical wargames, recreating the famous campaigns of iconic military leaders, with scenario editor included, is available on, for only $5.99.

If soldiers are the cogs of war, the generals are the springs at the heart of the mechanism, making the whole thing tick in an orderly fashion. Throughout the history of military, there were many great leaders presenting unbelievable tactical genius that could turn around the course of what seemed like a lost battle. Some of them achieved such a feat once in the whole lifetime, being at the right place in the right time by a twist of fate and history. There were also some, that took the great battle with them, anywhere they went. This collection of games tells the story of three such brilliant tacticians.

Great Battles Collector's Edition is an anthology containing three classic wargames: Great Battles of Alexander, Great Battles of Hannibal, and Great Battles of Caesar. In total, the numbers of historical scenarios you can play here amounts to over 30. The games are heavy on realism, accurately depicting the historical units and equipment. With clear visuals and turn-based combat mechanics you have the chance to follow in the great leaders' footsteps, matching or even improving their battlefield performance. With the added scenario editor providing unlimited supply of challenges, you could command virtual armies for months!

Recreate some the greatest military events in history with Great Battles Collector's Edition, now on, for only $5.99!
Wow, very nice to have these 3 tactical games here, thanks GOG.

Personally I would like more and more tactical and strategic games, on GOG.
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Wishbone: All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
tinyE: Some of that stuff they ripped off from the Ancient Greeks.
And more from the Etruscans, but then you couldn't make a Montey Python reference. :-)
low rated
A game that received mediocre scores 15 years ago isn't going to be magnificent today. Just something to consider.
I own the boxed is still in great shape lol...I bought it back about 1997 and never loaded it onto the computer. Says it's good for Windows 95..wonder if it will work on my windows 7 machine! May give it a shot!
Well, it's certainly ... old? I love how the game has a 4.5 star rating, but the current highest rated review is two stars.
Turn based games apart from Civilization, were never popular among professional reviewers.
When this game was released, turn based wargames were not exactly popular, as they are now and as they were always. Consider that at the time of its release RTS were roaming the pastures of gaming with more and more impressive graphics, then it doesn't take long to figure out why this and other similar games never got exactly high grades from the ever watchful but oh so often wrong, eye of the reviewers.

If you like turn based wargames (not just strategy) then you will probably enjoy this game a lot as long as you do not have an issue with the theme.

In my opinion this game is the spiritual successor (out of wedlock ) of the first Universal Military SImulator. For those who remember it.
Nice, I remember our history teacher using this a couple of times for classes in middle school I think.
This looks really cool
MoP: Nice, I remember our history teacher using this a couple of times for classes in middle school I think.
That sounds like a kewl sql!
MoP: Nice, I remember our history teacher using this a couple of times for classes in middle school I think.
keeveek: That sounds like a kewl sql!
There were no databases involved (rimshot), but the teacher was of the kewl sort alright, dude sure had a way of getting kids interested in the subject.
Never heard of these before, but they look really cool.
This is one of the reasons I love GOG: I get to know and enjoy oldies I somehow missed earlier (in this particular case, probably because my gaming was rather limited back in '97).
Awesome! I used to play these as a kid! Still have them on CD, was my go-to game for huge battles until Shogun Total War and the Cossack games came along.
Did they also make a American Civil War or Napoleonic game in this series? because the style looks awfully familiar but like a Civil War game I played, not an ancient war game. I think I may have had a demo - Gettysburg and/or Waterloo only or something. (memory is fuzzy)

EDIT Then again, it was for classic Mac, so it may have just looked similar. I don't remember it being a very complex game, in fact I think there was kind of a funny bug where if you garrisoned your troops in a town, they would gain the ability to shoot in any direction (of course), but unlimited movement points.
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SpaceManThe: I'm sure this said, "LucasArts confirmed" the first time I read it.
JMich: Triock messed up the thread. Thus the threads were deleted, and created anew.
who's Triock?
JMich: Triock messed up the thread. Thus the threads were deleted, and created anew.
megarock58: who's Triock?
No Idea :P