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Run-n-gun like it's 1990s!

Duke Nukem 1+2, a bundle of two classic 1990s run-and-gun platformers that sparked into a flame of legend, is now available on, for only $5.99.

We are not alone in the Universe. In fact, it's swarming with evil alien monsters. The only goal in their existence is to invade our planet, steal our stuff and eat us. Earth isn't doing so well either. Mad scientists hell-bent on world domination. Doomsday devices are a dime a dozen. So, if you were wondering why we're not living under the rule of a crazy scientist and his cybernetic army, or why haven't we been all eaten by aliens--you should know who to thank for all that. Duke Nukem. The bishop of badassery.

Released in the early 1990s, the Duke Nukem 1+2 games defined the standards for the run-and-gun platformer genre on the PC. But not only that. They did much more. They started the career of one of the gaming's most iconic heroes: Duke Nukem. Being great platformers on their own, full of creative level design, exceptional ideas, and tongue-in-cheek humor, they still provide bucketloads of prime entertainment. Before Duke Nukem went 3D, he totally rocked the 2D. Here's your chance to see it for yourself!

Find out why Duke's autobiography was titled "Why I'm so Great", get Duke Nukem 1+2 for only $5.99!
Crosmando: Was Duke 3D even a true 3D game technically speaking? I thought it was a 2D game, shown from a first-person perspective in order to give the appearance of being 3D, like the original Doom.
Hillsy_: Duke Nukem 3D and Doom were 3D environments with 2D sprites and objects if I'm not mistaken.
The levels are more like "elevation maps" though - rooms over rooms are not allowed. Duke 3D did some "cheating" to get around that though.

Daggerfall is an example of real 3D levels with sprites.

HiPhish: It's a "2.5D" game, but I have no idea what exactly that means. It looks and feels 3D to me. There is some explanation on Wikipedia but I stil don't understand it
And now the term is used for polygonal sidescrollers. Go figure.
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TheEnigmaticT: We don't go out of our way to prepare things and then taunt you with them. ;)
Except for System Shock 2.
te_lanus: because 3 years is so long
Sonic The Hedgehog. Eat that :P

or even better


Both million times better than this piece of garbage :P I believe there are tons of sidescrollers way better than this game from similar era.
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TheEnigmaticT: "Sitting" on them? Not long at all. I believe they were completely ready to release about two or three weeks ago, which is when we dropped them into the schedule. We don't go out of our way to prepare things and then taunt you with them. ;)
All I meant is that the later Duke Nukem games have been here since... well, longer than I have anyway. I'm just a little (pleasantly) surprised to see them show up seemingly out of nowhere, after all this time.
I really enjoyed Duke Nukem 2 back in the day. Never played the full verison, though. Added to wishlist for now. :-)
TheEnigmaticT: snip
Carmageddon 2?
I wonder if any other Apogee games are on the way?
farlark: IIRC, these games were bundled with the disc version of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. So, even in the mid-90's, they were considered a bit too cruddy to be anything but disc goodies.
I hardly think the games being "cruddy" was the reasoning behind that. Also, the first two Duke games were only bundled with the original 1.3D release of the game, not the Atomic Edition AFAIK.
DN1+2? Nice!
I remember playing these as a kid. I didn't own Duke Nukem games but my friend did. We were so jealous of him.

Really nice release gog, keep em coming!
Commander Keen series would truly be awesome. My first PC game ever. Got it on blue floppy disk :)
And we always spelled his name wrong. Ken instead of Keen :)
Apogee games were "one step ahead of everyone else" on PC at the time.
I remember how their games felt "professional" and made previous side-scrollers feel clunky:
- From technical standpoint, the display was perfectly fast and clean
- Gameplay had all sorts of fun gimmicks
It may have looked pale compared to games on consoles at the time (I didn't, so I can't really tell), but from the sole PC perspective, they managed to prove that it could really be used as a gaming platform, which was quite an achievement on hardware that had no sprites support or anything.
(and yes, Commander Keen was also my favorite as a kid)
CoreySteel: And we always spelled his name wrong. Ken instead of Keen :)
Kill the blasphemer !
That would be just great!
Licurg: Kill the blasphemer !
That reminds me, hope to see the Epic Games platformers Jazz Jackrabbit and Jill of the Jungle here too eventually.
haydenaurion: That reminds me, hope to see the Epic Games platformers Jazz Jackrabbit and Jill of the Jungle here too eventually.
Don't forget Fire Fight!