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I don't know what kind of gamers are here. Darwinia may be too short, but it is not only the best game from Introversion, but one of the most important games of the last decade. It has a wonderful style and a great trash80 soundtrack, but it also introduced lots of quirks in the arcade/strategy component, and what is most wonderful about it, it creates a world and makes you think that it is alive. Darwinians are creatures, and you really believe so. Learn, Molineux.
Not exactly my cup of tea. I am waiting for Uplink so I can try out the FBI mod, amongst others, for it.
Darwinia is a great little gem, glad to see GOG add it to their catalog.
2Sorry meant $9.99 USD not £9.99 as that would increase the price to nearly $15 and change for those of us in the US and although I might pay $20 for both, I doubt I would spend more even though I did enjoy the games when I played them."

Ahh I bad. Damned fine games in anycase.
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Love Darwinia and all the other Introversion games...

BTW who here knows what redshirt is? <raises hand> *wink :D
low rated
cussbrother: ...crying like a spoiled kid...
mobutu: see this post:
Laughing eternally and forever at the thought that wanting a site focusing on old games to continue focusing on old games, rather than waste time re-releasing objectively terrible "indie" crap that I can just get elsewhere for cheaper, is somehow "spoiled". Let me guess, you wrote your post from a computer you built yourself from dirt and sticks, and had barely enough time to copy-paste that say-nothing URL before returning to your endless self-sacrificing toil in the wartorn lands of Sudan? STFU you sanctimonious sack of shit.
you're such an "intelligent" being ... now everyone can see just exactly how "pleasant" you are.
hahaha, you shot yourself in the foot and probably found pleasure doing that lol
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