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Note: Following some discussions with Iceberg Interactive, we have been asked to remove Dark Matter from sale while the developer addresses the fact that the game's ending has some problems. The game will remain available for download for anyone who has already bought it. The developers have stated that they are working on a patch as a solution to this, and as we mentioned yesterday, anyone who wants a refund on their copy of their game is free to contact Support and we'll take care of you. Our apologies about this, and we hope that this helps address the problem. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Dark Matter, a Sci-Fi thriller that challenges you to explore the dark corridors of a defunct spacecraft where light is as scarce as the resources you need to survive.

What is Dark Matter? Imagine you're stranded in a giant defunct space exploration vessel, and you are not alone on board. There's an ominous alien parasitic presence lurking at every corner, hiding away in the air-shafts, creeping through the conduits. This is a metroidvania-type title set in deep space, where no one can hear you scream, curse at your enemies, or call for mummy when you're lost in the vast labyrinth of dark corridors. In this non-linear survival and exploration action game you'll be challenged to make it through 14 danger-filled areas designed in the spirit of the darkest gritty hard S-F. With four upgradable guns, crafting mechanics, resource management, dynamic lightning that genuinely affects gameplay, and a reactive soundtrack, this gripping game is sure to stop your heart a few times as you play.
At first I thought there was some delay between when you post a review and when it goes up on the page but I guess not. More than a day later my review is not there and there is no longer an option on the page for me to put one up. So, I guess the site ate my review. It seems kind of ironic to me that the one time I post a review it gets eaten like this but oh, well.

I'm not on a crusade to try and get nobody to buy this game. I just wanted people to know what they were getting for their money, especially where the initial price for this such as it is, is very high in my opinion. I told the developer that I considered what they did here considering the price to be theft and I do. But when the price of this drops I could see it being some fun, again such as it is - incomplete, if the price reflects that. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than say $5.00 for this or maybe $2.50 would be more like it. Better still, as part of an indie bundle for a buck would be alright.

If this was a finished game that wraps up its story, etc. my view here would be completely different because what they did manage to get done seems like the start of a good game. They blew it by not finishing it and they blew it much, much worse by being dishonest in how they sold it. A case in point: ending the game with a "To Be Continued" screen and then when called out about this by gamers who bought it their response is to call that a "bug" and say they will fix it by patching it out.

That isn't a bug. It is a lie. Otherwise, there would be no need to patch it out would there?
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Now the problem's getting wider attention:

The missing reviews appear to be the result of a bug:
VanishedOne: Now the problem's getting wider attention:
Interesting. How many failed Kickstarter's came out with really good games despite the failure to get funding?
Thanks to the guys that posted the reviews about the ending and informed us about it. What terrible way to treat your game and your customers (referring to the devs, not GOG). If they'd been upfront about it's cut state from the start this wouldn't be an issue. Not a way to handle your first release guys.
Kotaku, huh? The ones who reviewed "Total War: Rome II" with a "Yes, you should play this game" rating when it clearly was tailormade for reviewers who only play the first two hours (see angryjoe review for that).
They get het up about an unfinished ending?
How cute.
So there seems to be a bit of an uproar on the steam side about the game only being about half complete...
jimbob0i0: So there seems to be a bit of an uproar on the steam side about the game only being about half complete...
"Half complete" doesn't do it right. Content-wise this could have been a demo. What a shame. So much teasing in-game about the fearsome "angels" and weapons and crafting. And then it just ends with a text message. No angels, only three weapons, lots of texts and descriptions just placeholders.
Baah, do I feel ripped off...
CrowTRobo: Game developers, movie writers/directors, hell I'll throw in book writers, should stop ending their stories on cliffhangers or "to be continued" unless they are already working on the second part and can guarantee that it will be released. I find it infuriating when I play a game or watch a movie and am confronted with a "to be continued" and then the continuation never is released. All you did was waste my time.
Amen. It's fine to leave a story open to possible sequels, as long as it is resolved with respect to itself. I consider System Shock 2 to be a good example of this because (SPOILERS) your own story as the main character reaches a kind of resolution, even if SHODAN lives to vex another day. And while I haven't played them yet, I believe the Cognition games stand well individually while they also weave a larger story.

Likewise, I didn't enjoy any less the movie "The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai" when the creators teased at the end a second film that never materialised. That too is fine. It's when people make a product deliberately incomplete and require a later product that isn't yet produced that it becomes a problem. This is tempting Fate in a way that rarely turns out well, and too often one is left with an inconclusive game and a broken story.
What's the betting this thread will be quietly ignored (or removed) by the GOG admins. Oh, dear.
Sslaxx: What's the betting this thread will be quietly ignored (or removed) by the GOG admins. Oh, dear.
I'll take that bet. The thread won't be removed, and we'll have a blue answer in the next 72 hours, most probably in the next 24. What's the stake?
Sslaxx: What's the betting this thread will be quietly ignored (or removed) by the GOG admins. Oh, dear.
Don't worry, I've been in communication with Judas about this. I can't divulge anything beyond confirming that GOG is indeed working towards a response to this entire issue.
jimbob0i0: So there seems to be a bit of an uproar on the steam side about the game only being about half complete...
Here's an interesting post: it looks as though the story can't very well be 'continued' because the staff were all 'let go'.
Would you pay $15 for an "episode 1", with no indication of how many episodes are in store? The entire Walking Dead season pass was $25. And let's not forget that Walking Dead episodes were generally self-contained story arcs with beginnings and conclusions too.
Sslaxx: What's the betting this thread will be quietly ignored (or removed) by the GOG admins. Oh, dear.
I'd say the chances are zero, and I think that you - as someone who has been here since May 2011 - actually ought to know that. ;)

We had a (perhaps) similar case a week earlier, and GOG went above and beyond the line of duty and fixed it. Now, I don't know how comparable these two cases are - in the case I'm talking about, the game was explicitly announced as complete and self-contained, but very obviously was not. I haven't followed the way Dark Matter was advertised, and I can't tell how important the completeness of the story is for enjoying this game. But if you think that a good case can be made here, then build it, contact GOG, and wait what they answer.
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Wow! And to think that I nearly bought this game when I saw that it was released on GOG. If it wasn't for a friend showing me a link to a youtube vid that showed how the game ended I would've gotten stung by it.

I mean, it's not even an "episodic" game as some have stated (which would've been bad enough). The game just ends for no reason, with the player left with only a text screen. I was stunned when I saw it and angry at the devs for trying to fob people off with something that is clearly half-finished.

I think if I had bought and downloaded the game, I would've demanded my money back, because it doesn't say anywhere that this is an unfinished product.

If anything, GOG should remove it from their listings.