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Suck it Down!

Daikatana, a legendary first-person perspective shooter by the one and only John Romero, famous for its borderline-insane difficulty level and featuring many fresh ideas, is available on, for only $5.99.

"Suck it Down!". No, we did not invent that tagline. This was one of the original slogans this game used when it first launched in the year 2000. It wasn't even the one that sprouted controversy--that would be "John Romero's about to make you his bitch", a one that the talented developer regretted ever since, as it practically ruined his good standing with the gamers' community. Whichever slogan we take into account, the message was clear: "this game is hard as nails". And so it was. It was dubbed unfair by some, and infuriating by others. However, those who managed to finish it walk tall and proud among the gamerfolk.

Daikatana is a FPS that brought many fresh ideas to the genre, even if it was a tad late to the party. It has a very retro-futuristic feel to it, mixing the 1990s and 2000s aesthetics. It features a slew of original maps, interesting mechanics, and fancy weaponry--including the titular Japanese long sword. Most importantly: its just as much rewarding, as it is punishing. Because, you know, "no pain--no gain".

Accept John Romero's challenge and prove everyone, including yourself, that you can beat the legendary Daikatana, available on for only $5.99.
makr3la: God, no...
I've only played the demo as a kid, back when Daikatana was a new game, and found it as interesting as other FPS games of the time, only with a lot more green (does it mean it used next-gen graphics?).
Maybe it was just me being young and not knowing any better, but I think it was because I was never hit neither by the anti-hype, nor the supposed pre-release over-hype that left many gamers disappointed.

I'm definitely going to give it a proper chance now, when I find some precious free time. :)
Roman5: So it finally came here....

Despite the fact if it's bad or not....I think it deserves a place on GOG just for its popularity and it's place in gaming history

Also: I remember reading that this game actually had patches come out for it with fixes, could the team please confirm if these are present in this GOG release?
It has every official patch applied.
JudasIscariot: It has every official patch applied.
Roman5: Good to hear

Even the Daikatana v1.2 Texture Fix?
As far as I can tell, yes to both.
haydenaurion: Ah, I see what he did there. :D
mrking58: I did nothing, I hate this game so much. Any fool who buys this game should be just leave GOG for having a bad taste in games.
Oh you :D
whodares2: Interesting release. It should be here, no doubt, but, I don't know. Maybe it should have been the holiday gift game. At least it is only $5.99.

Good luck to any who pick this one up.
It's generally not a good idea to gift controversial games to your users ;-) Some would appreciate it, others would rage about getting something they see as a lump of coal in their stocking. Duke Nukem 3D was by all means cool, not coal, so we went with that ;-)
atkes: For one day, stands for Godawful Old Games :)

GoG team, that trailer you have on the page made the graphics look worse. I watched some playthrough videos and it was *slightly* better, not so blocky.

The Mortal Kombat movie-esque music was a nice touch.
That's the actual launch trailer. We did nothing to it, but encoding compression formulae were somewhat less optimized back in the day.
ne_zavarj: I wonder how many copies have been sold on the first day ( GOG release ) .
This much...
HaroldO: Does this mean GOG is going to make us their bitches?
So many ways an answer can go wrong here....