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Put your costume on, John!

Costume Quest, a true to its roots RPG disguised in a colorful outfit of a cartoony Halloween adventure, is now available 50% off on That's only $7.49 for the next two days!

Ah, to be a kid on Halloween! On this one special night the veil between reality and imagination was lifted and anything could happen. The world was full of strange creatures, dangerous monsters, and incredible adventures. The best part was, however, becoming someone you were not. You would put on a Jedi costume, and felt like the fate of the galaxy rested in your little hands. You would become a Knight of the Round Table, and never minded the fact, that your armor is made of tin foil and cardboard. You would strap on a vacuum-cleaner proton pack and a brown jumpsuit and go hunting ghosts in the alleys. On that one night ghosts, dragon, and Sith lords felt real too.

Costume Quest, created by Tim Schafer's Double Fine, tries to capture the spirit of those nights when you were a kid, and everything felt real to you on Halloween. With traditional RPG mechanics, including turn based combat, it tells a story of a group of kids on their incredible adventure. Rescuing your kidnaped sibling is a true quest when you're 8 years old, and even more so when the neighborhood is infested with all sorts of monsters, brought to our world by magic. Luckily, you have the special powers of your costume to help you on your way!

It's time to go trick-or-treating, so dress up and conquer your neighborhood in Costume Quest, for only $7.49 until Thursday, November 15, at 10.59 AM GMT.
Nice little game. I won't buy it again but I definitely enjoyed the game.
Yay, $15 price tag on a game, which can be beaten 100% (with the DLC) in 7 hours of repetitive QTE mashing...
Two weeks too late.
Awesome news! I've been wanting to play this game for so long. :D
Certainly not Tim Schafer's finest moment, and probably not worth $15 (the reduced price is actually the proper value of it), but a decent game nonetheles, and I do believe that this marks the end of Steamworks exclusivity for this :)
Asbeau: Two weeks too late.
Yeah, a little odd that they didn't release this for Halloween.
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I played this game on PS3 when It initially came out

I didn't like it and I found it very forgettable and boring, bring on Stacking instead, Double Fine
jamyskis: Certainly not Tim Schafer's finest moment
Isn't that one of the DF games (also, Stacking), that are not Schafer's?
Will grab it tomorrow with the GOG Gem Promo, assuming I don't have it already. Nice to see more of Tim's work here, now for the rest of his games.
Have this and the DLC on Steam. It's a nice game, atmospheric and adsorbing, but pretty short. I completed the standard game in one sitting (albeit about a 6 hour sitting). I'd recommend it if you're in the mood for something more based around experiencing a charming little adventure rather than a complex or hardcore challenge. The RPG elements are incredibly light, and while it's not exactly incredibly easy, it's easy to autopilot it if you're into RPGs. It's more like a really cool, interactive cartoon made by Double Fine, and that's pretty good if you ask me.
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Asbeau: Two weeks too late.
jamyskis: Yeah, a little odd that they didn't release this for Halloween.
didn't you notice that GOG's halloween was non-halloweeny? :)

also, this game seems quite nice, but I won't buy right now...
I bought this in Steam's halloween sale last year and I was really surprised. It's not a technical marvel or particularly deep... but it was amusing and thoroughly enjoyable for its entire 7 hour playtime. My favourite of the Double Fine minis.
grviper: Yay, $15 price tag on a game, which can be beaten 100% (with the DLC) in 7 hours of repetitive QTE mashing...
this, and it's been way cheaper than this elsewhere.
I had fun with it while it lasted but well since every hub is a repeat of the previous with just a different setting chances are you won't come back to it once completed... Making the full price tag a bit too expensive, at 7.50 you might consider it.
At the end of the promotional video: "Now available for XBox Live Arcade and Sony Play...". :-)