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Put your costume on, John!

Costume Quest, a true to its roots RPG disguised in a colorful outfit of a cartoony Halloween adventure, is now available 50% off on That's only $7.49 for the next two days!

Ah, to be a kid on Halloween! On this one special night the veil between reality and imagination was lifted and anything could happen. The world was full of strange creatures, dangerous monsters, and incredible adventures. The best part was, however, becoming someone you were not. You would put on a Jedi costume, and felt like the fate of the galaxy rested in your little hands. You would become a Knight of the Round Table, and never minded the fact, that your armor is made of tin foil and cardboard. You would strap on a vacuum-cleaner proton pack and a brown jumpsuit and go hunting ghosts in the alleys. On that one night ghosts, dragon, and Sith lords felt real too.

Costume Quest, created by Tim Schafer's Double Fine, tries to capture the spirit of those nights when you were a kid, and everything felt real to you on Halloween. With traditional RPG mechanics, including turn based combat, it tells a story of a group of kids on their incredible adventure. Rescuing your kidnaped sibling is a true quest when you're 8 years old, and even more so when the neighborhood is infested with all sorts of monsters, brought to our world by magic. Luckily, you have the special powers of your costume to help you on your way!

It's time to go trick-or-treating, so dress up and conquer your neighborhood in Costume Quest, for only $7.49 until Thursday, November 15, at 10.59 AM GMT.
SimonG: Nope. IIRC those games where "small" games made on a limited budget while DF was struggling with some legal issues. I really don't mind, as I find this fuels my nostalgia :-).
Eh, you're right. And as I said, I love it regardless. But I guess a great game could've been even better. ;-)
Craig234: Weird release timing, a Halloween game in... mid-November.

This is a game I find it hard to review. On the one hand, it's a creative topic, and grabbed me pretty compulsively to play it, and I remember some fun playing it.

I find it hard to forget.

But on the other hand, it seemed to be shallow, and often tedious to play, kind of mindless activity. Like a bad tv show but one that pulls you in anyway.

In particular, the 'combat' part of the game is numbingly simple and repetitive, and IMO unbalanced as well, some costumes are better. Though it can have a little thrill at times.

Some of the combat costumers are 'nice ideas' but just don't go well, others seem far better, and a lot rides on the roll of the dice. Some needs a good number of retries for a good roll.

I partly want to say 'the good things make this a recommend' and partly 'shallow, tedious, not much there, better to avoid'.

This is mainly comments for adults - kids are probably a better market, but adults can enjoy.
I agree with this. The dialogue/story is pretty easy to enjoy for an adult, however the combat is VERY simple. There is NO challenge to the game. It's still worth getting because it's a very charming game. The dialogue is pretty funny and witty at times, especially for a game meant for all ages, but if you're looking for serious gameplay you'll probably want to avoid this game.
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Bought this on Xbox a while back. It was fun, but the DLC leaves it in a horrible place (cliffhanger ending) and the woman who had been responsible for pretty much all of it up and left Double Fine sometime thereafter. So don't anyone be expecting a resolution anytime soon. (read: never)

I agree it's not DF's best work, and it has a lot of issues such as text being too fast in scenes, the combat wore out its welcome a bit, and as I mentioned.. the DLC which follows the main story has no ending.

The humour and writing was good.

However, I don't think it's worth $15 anymore, especially for a game that will never be completed..

EDIT: Noticed that someone said the game was "not very challenging" and I had to chuckle a bit. I always see at least one person say this about a game I actually found could be quite difficult at times.

However, I must also commend Craig for saying a lot of what I wanted to say. Especially about the costumes being pretty unbalanced. Some of them were flat out useless. Once you got good about working with the stickers, luck, QTE and so forth, though, some of the costumes were quite broken.

EDIT2: I meant to also add that playing as a girl having to save her brother was a very amusing play on the standard damsel in distress trope. Played straight in the DLC, though.
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