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Part survival horror, part detective novel, part action, and part adventure--a must-have for fans of exciting thrillers and sublime story-telling.

Alan Wake, the psychological action thriller, is available now on it’s on sale for 50% off for a week! That’s only $14.99 for the game and both DLCs until Tuesday, May 15th at 21.59 GMT.

From Remedy, developers of classic Death Rally and Max Payne 1 & 2, comes a third-person shooter described by its creators as combination of "the mind of a psychological thriller,” and "the body of a cinematic action game.” The player controls Alan Wake, author of popular detective fiction, who needs to find his wife in a perfect and fictional--yet nightmarish and dreadfully real--town of Bright Falls. The story is told in episodes in style similar to a mystery TV series, with each episode having its own plot but revealing new piece of the main puzzle as well. The story is filled with endless twists and cliffhangers, there are recap sequences at the beginning of a new episode, closing credits, and a lot of cinematic sequences--all of these combine to create a fantastic “film noir” atmosphere, unique to the world of PC horror games. Fans of The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, and Stephen King will find numerous references and inspirations while solving the mystery behind supernatural horrors that infest Bright Falls.

Mr. Wake will walk the streets, find clues, and talk to people during the day; he will fight various enemies during the night. Light is the main weapon in Alan’s fight against the town’s inhabitants who have been possessed by a darkness that transforms them into axe wielding murderers. Enemies are initially impervious to attack, and can only be harmed when exposed to light, coming from your flashlight, flare guns, flares, and environmental sources. Even if you’re not afraid of the dark, the game will keep you on your toes, and once the darkness creeps in you will not want to leave your safely lit havens.

Gripping suspense, intense action, great thriller storytelling, flawless design--yes, Alan Wake is a perfect game. Time magazine named it the best video game of the year, IGN awarded Alan Wake “Best Horror Game”, it has also received numerous nominations for “Best Narrative”, “Best Writing/Story”, and “Best Character” (for Alan Wake).

Grab Alan Wake for the next seven days for only $14.99--and get with the manual, wallpaper, and a number of videos and extra goodies (stay tuned for more extras soon) all for one great price! Expect other great games from Remedy coming in the very near future!
UN-wishlisted... from Steam.

Almost the collector's edition (minus soundtrack) but less expensive... and that's the non-promo price.


I may doubt now and then but in the end, I can say...

"In GOG we trust".
Uau, what a nice surprise. Thanks, GOG
Excellent addition to GoG, though i won't be purchasing it anytime soon, as i am happy with my Boxed Collectors edition that i recently Bought with all it extra's.

I will get it from here one day though
timppu: Based on that, it's probably given that Max Paynes will appear here soon too. Apparently there are no negotiations needed with any of the big corporations, just Remedy, a tiny (?) development team in Espoo, Finland.
And they were mocking when i asked when the Max Payne is coming last week. And look at that release. It is time that i laugh! Hahahaha :) Sometimes this forum tends to be so much negative...
Pheace: For us Euro's you mean I assume because for the US it costs the same, $30. It's more like the game is immediately on sale.

Unless I absolutely 'need' to have the game (in which case I would've already bought it), I just wait for sales. Thats the best thing to do on Steam anway. Their starting prices may be high but their sales are great. If you wait for sales, I'm sure Steam will have it cheaper the coming year than GOG will have it with their 40-50% sales.

But that's beyond the point, it's a great release for GOG to release a relatively new (for PC) game without it's related DRM, and on sale right away as well.
Fred_DM: GOG's price is only special for Europeans who would otherwise have to pay in Euros. the game is $29.99 everywhere, including GOG and Steam. it's only $15 on GOG now because it's on sale, and AFAIK the game has already been on sale at 50-60% off before (Steam, GamersGate, GreenManGaming, etc.), so even the $15 price point isn't new.
True, i do hope this price stay forever but that's unlikely.
As someone who enjoyed Red Seeds Profile (aka Deadly Premonition), should I bother wit this? I like the price, but what else is there?
Niiice! Beautiful dark game. Didn't buy it before because it was plagued by Steam-DRM. But now it's freed from DRM and is at a nice price too. So: instabuy.
I was really looking forward to this when it was announced, that Bright Falls mini-series was great and got me pretty giddy. But I was hoping it would be more of an adventure game in the end, all that combat nonsense turned me off, and since it was console-only for so long... I ended up just watching a playthrough. Bummer. So how about I Have no Mouth next time?
I rented Alan Wake on my Xbox 360. Did not liked it for a variety of reasons one of them of course is that I still have a philosiphy as to what makes a survival horror a survival horror
Oh, GOG.

Alan Wake PC's release date isn't January 16, 2012.
It's February 16, 2012
thanks gog :D
Good thing I held off buying this on Steam. GOG <3
Since this was a Steamworks game, do we get a Steam code?

Kidding, kidding. I wish the soundtrack was included, but I guess it's too expensive right now to do so.
Unbelievable, GOG, how did you pulled this off? .D Wishlisted :)
Foxhack: Since this was a Steamworks game, do we get a Steam code?

Kidding, kidding. I wish the soundtrack was included, but I guess it's too expensive right now to do so.
Especially since the best part is the licensed music. But at least you can get those songs from Amazon or iTunes at a decent price.