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Part survival horror, part detective novel, part action, and part adventure--a must-have for fans of exciting thrillers and sublime story-telling.

Alan Wake, the psychological action thriller, is available now on it’s on sale for 50% off for a week! That’s only $14.99 for the game and both DLCs until Tuesday, May 15th at 21.59 GMT.

From Remedy, developers of classic Death Rally and Max Payne 1 & 2, comes a third-person shooter described by its creators as combination of "the mind of a psychological thriller,” and "the body of a cinematic action game.” The player controls Alan Wake, author of popular detective fiction, who needs to find his wife in a perfect and fictional--yet nightmarish and dreadfully real--town of Bright Falls. The story is told in episodes in style similar to a mystery TV series, with each episode having its own plot but revealing new piece of the main puzzle as well. The story is filled with endless twists and cliffhangers, there are recap sequences at the beginning of a new episode, closing credits, and a lot of cinematic sequences--all of these combine to create a fantastic “film noir” atmosphere, unique to the world of PC horror games. Fans of The Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, and Stephen King will find numerous references and inspirations while solving the mystery behind supernatural horrors that infest Bright Falls.

Mr. Wake will walk the streets, find clues, and talk to people during the day; he will fight various enemies during the night. Light is the main weapon in Alan’s fight against the town’s inhabitants who have been possessed by a darkness that transforms them into axe wielding murderers. Enemies are initially impervious to attack, and can only be harmed when exposed to light, coming from your flashlight, flare guns, flares, and environmental sources. Even if you’re not afraid of the dark, the game will keep you on your toes, and once the darkness creeps in you will not want to leave your safely lit havens.

Gripping suspense, intense action, great thriller storytelling, flawless design--yes, Alan Wake is a perfect game. Time magazine named it the best video game of the year, IGN awarded Alan Wake “Best Horror Game”, it has also received numerous nominations for “Best Narrative”, “Best Writing/Story”, and “Best Character” (for Alan Wake).

Grab Alan Wake for the next seven days for only $14.99--and get with the manual, wallpaper, and a number of videos and extra goodies (stay tuned for more extras soon) all for one great price! Expect other great games from Remedy coming in the very near future!
Awesome...and cheaper than Steam too :o
You're kidding me...
And 15$ plus both DLC?

Wow, that's a real surprise. Very cool, wishlisted for now.
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Text: Korean, Russian, Polish, Traditional Chinese.

Wow, I woundn't have guessed that this awesome Remedy game would be released on GOG. Thank you guys! :D
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Swoons with delight....

Smelling salts, STAT !!!
Holy shit oh sod it bought and bough what a bargin at this price. Thanks guys
no Drm?
Awesome to see the game here, but I didn't think Gog would reach the 29,90 price point so soon. Yes, I know Witcher 2 is here at a higher price point, but it has always been the exception...

Anyway, bigpoints for Remedy and
I would put it on Wishlist but my PC will not run it...Sigh...It's not the first time and I bet not the last one :-(
I see it's a console port.
Is the mouse involved in controlling the game or has it all to be done from the keyboard?
So does this mean with Alan Wake's release does that mean the first two Max Payne games in the not so far future?
If I understand correctly, it's $14.99 until next Tuesday at 6:59AM EDT: after that date, it's $29.99.

So we must be quick.
Bought it. Thanks Remedy and Gog!
mcneil_1: So does this mean with Alan Wake's release does that mean the first two Max Payne games in the not so far future?
Max Payne's rights were sold to Rockstar so answer to your question is no. :( Unless RS is planning to do so, which I find very unlikely...