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Thunderstone: That's why I added in "within reason." I don't think T would keep a topic open if it was all about cussing, well maybe he would as long as it doesn't turn hostile. *shrugs*
Probably I would keep it open unless it was an attack on someone. Anyone who's worked with me in the office can attest that I swear like a sailor, so taking offense at that would be pretty silly.
Fictionvision: They should get the web team to look into putting automatic filters for topics. That would eliminate the problem and save the mods some headaches. As long as they don't touch the actual content of the posts I don't see a problem with it. Plus it might make for some unintentional comedy, like seeing "This is a bunch of POOPIE!" for a title.
Enh. Then it can easily become a game of, "circumvent the filter." When there's no filter but just a rule of etiquette, you can't exactly gloat over your cleverness of typing "fuck" in the post title.
WBGhiro: Anyways, how many threads with cuss words do we actually get? one every 3 months?
It was 2 years before we got the first one. Now we tend to get about 1 a month.
CaptainGyro: Before anybody says "well mods are douchegbags on power trips man. Just look at steam or gamefaqs.", note that I said level headed mods. I've seen plenty of them over the years on the internet. I highly doubt that their modding would be worse than the community modding done here.
It is very, very easy for mods to ruin a community. It is actually substantially harder for the community to ruin itself--although that can happen, too.
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