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jackalKnight: I'm waiting for someone to post POOOOOOOOOOOOOOP as a title just to see how people react.
Juvenile and dumb, yeah, but what can I say?
If I may be silly for a second (I honestly think we should honor GOG's simple request but I'd like to stop and say something stupid) I think Licurg would have a bonanza on his hands if he started a thread titled "Buy Fucking Sacrifice Right Fucking Now Because It's The Greatest Fucking Game Of All Fucking Time!"

Just a thought.
Post edited January 17, 2013 by tinyE
KneeTheCap: Come on, just stop that. You are only painting yourself as immature and making the mods work more with nonsense like this. No one wins, you know?

Just imagine when a possible new participant in the forums comes here and sees fuck this and fuck that in titles of the threads. We are supposed to be more mature than general, no?

Just a thought.
I dont kow what you guys are talking about, Who would do such a thing?
Roman5: .....

Things really snowballed from there....
Puhleaze....snowtesticled. Let's try to keep it clean in here, GYAH!!!!
Trevor L. is a wise man.
TheEnigmaticT: Probably I would keep it open unless it was an attack on someone. Anyone who's worked with me in the office can attest that I swear like a sailor, so taking offense at that would be pretty silly.
Hey! Don't insult sailors! :P

Kidding, of course. :D