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As we saw on the schedule posted on the video (4´14´´ )
today, tuesday GOG is going to release the game that made us dream with the stars. If anyone believe that he knows the solution mail me to
elvenskill @ gmail (dot) c o m

On the mail write the answer and your GOG username before the release of the game (of course), every mail send 30 minutes or less before the release would not be accepted.
The contest will continue with each game of the list
What game made you dream of the stars? 19 april (forget this one)
What game made you ride with the outlaws? 21 april
What game made you fear your past? 26 april
What game made you go to the underground? 28 april
What game made you feel like a hero? 5 may

The prize will be a GOG copy of one of my favourite games ever, Realms of the Haunting, please participate only if you are interested in this old Gremlin´s masterpiece. If the winner already owns this game (must demostrate it), the reward would be any game from the GOG catalog.
Of course I´ll only give one prize, so if we have more than one winner... I´d raffle it or something like that :-)

Actualization: I´ve decided to change the rules. It is only necessary to guess correctly two of the releases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post edited April 27, 2011 by tejozaszaszas
E-mail sent!
Anyone else?
tejozaszaszas: Anyone else?
Well, if it is just for one question I might try, but since it is for all questions I do not think I have a chance :-)
sent :)
keremix: sent :)
I didn´t receive your mail, write it again
sent as well :)
tried with a different e-mail now
Sent as well. Good luck all
keremix: tried with a different e-mail now
This time worked
System Shock 2 :(
Little Update for the OP: Game has been announced in Twitter now to be relased in 1 hour.
And we know the title as well now.
The game is Star Control? Well, no one won. This was really unexpected.

The context is open for the next games, so let´s forget this one :-)