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Dolly the sheep - now that was a good clone. However, she was not the first cloned animal at all, not by a long shoot.
When I lived on a sheep farm, I found out about the sheep hold. Basically when they shear the sheep they hold them in such a way that the sheep basically just shuts down and goes to sleep. I am still trying to figure out how to do that to my children when they are getting riled up.
You could say raising children is shear hell.....
When someone says it's cold as hell...does that mean they are on fire?
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When Christianity came to Iceland the monks had to change hell to freezing cold instead of fiery hot. It sounded to tempting to the Icelanders.
I thought hell was Icelandic volcanoes....
Does that make Hawaiian Volcanoes paradise?
Magnum P.I. loved to wear those hawaiian shirts.
So does Sam Axe I believe.
Axe Body Spray makes all the women want you, so says the commercials. Maybe Larry could use some.
Larry could use some loving, but Axe is just asking for trouble. Better suit up.
A lumberjack, however, comes to the rescue and with his Axe cuts open the wolf, who had fallen asleep. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother emerge unharmed.
That's a modern addition. In the original the Wolf kills (read rapes) Little Red Riding Hood - the end.

It was really a cautionary tale for girls to not listen to strange men, but do as your parents told you. The ending (and some other bits) where changed to fit more in with children's stories of today.
And what happens to the grandmother? and, above everything, to the food she was carrying?
Above everything is the sky......