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So who is Generation W?
That's the one George W. Bush must belong to...
I used to belong to the Lionhead Spider Cult but then i took a witcher sword to the knee...
I truly hate spiders.
And what about Spider-Man?
I reckon Green Latern is better than spiderman
If you're gonna go green, it has to be the Hulk.
Does anyone remember the Alpha flight comics? They were a Marvel comic, and they had a lot ties with Wolverine.
I've an astonishingly low amount of comics, so I've never read Alpha Flight. I like Wolverine and read the Origins story, which was different.
Is that one similar to the film? Forgive my comic book noobness.
McDon: Is that one similar to the film? Forgive my comic book noobness.
It is somewhat similar.
It is not similar at all. There are however two comic series with the name. I don't know the other.
What's in a name?
The name of Alpha Flight's leader was James MacDonald Hudson, also known as Weapon Alpha/Vindicator/Guardian.

I used to have a bunch of their comics and remember them fondly. They were a Canadian version of the X-Men for the most part. The ties to Wolverine made them fairly popular. Wolverine is a Canadian after all. :)
X-Men, Green Lantern, and Batman = All my favs