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I have an extra key to the the EVOLVED BUNDLE from IndieRoyale containing:
Unmechanical (steam (pc), windows, desura)
The Path (steam (pc), windows, mac, desura)
Krater (steam (pc))
Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory (steam (pc), windows, desura)
OIO (windows, desura)

which will be given out here.

1 - To enter, post something here. You can post whatever you like, but it must have some relation with whatever the poster above you posted. What ever that relation may be, is completely up to you.
2 - Each day, at around 20.00 GMT I will ask for a number between 1 and 500
3 - I will check which post # corresponds with the one gave me, if it is your post - you win (if the post is mine, then I will do a re-roll)
4 - You can make as many posts as you like, however there must be at least 2 other posters between your posts.

This means the givaway may last until there are 500 posts in this tread, or it may end tomorrow.

So to start this off, and an example of what I mean - consider this the first three posts:

"Cybernetic mice are potentially the bane of humanity"

"Humanity was created by space mice"

"Rincewind meet the Creator once, in Eric. He was not as expected and liked sandwiches"

Does it make sense? feel free to continue from here on.

31/01 Today's number from was 3
01/02 Today's number from was 367
02/02 Today's number from was 436
03/02 Today's number from was 252
04/02 Today's number from was 276
05/02 Today's number from was 38 - this means we have a winner - and post# 38 belongs to uchristensen - Congratulations!
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Thanks for the Giveaway! Interesting idea!
As much as Eric liked sandwiches, he liked beer a lot more!
First post never wins.

EDIT: How in the fuck did you know my bloody name.
Post edited January 31, 2013 by Profanity
Eric or Erik is derived from the old norse name Eiríkr or Eríkr

*edit* to slow apparently. So in regards to "what?"

What is your favorite word?
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Edit: Yeah I'm also slow.

In response, SAY WHAT AGAIN!!
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Aha. Wait, wait, wait. WHAT? :D
Too many edits... what are we talking about? :P
We're definitely not talking about the word 'what'
Can I say "What" one more time? :D
Well you can, but what would you be saying "What" about?
What's your name? :P
The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name" is a very annoying song.
Post edited January 31, 2013 by amok
Never heard it.
''That's my name'' is better.