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Theta_Sigma: Incidentally, the boxed version of Resonance is really awesome, I'm sorry you couldn't get one man.
Gonchi: Yeah, I'm really disappointed about it. My financial situation has improved considerably since then, so I'm definitely picking up Primordia.
Well, better one copy of the game, than none at all. That's cool, I did as well, I really hope I can get a GOG code rather than Steam (assuming you only actually get one) when Dave starts passing out the digital keys. Either way, I am so stoked for this. I was so happy when Dave replied to most of my questions about the new game and about it's release.
@Gonchi yeah it was really well packaged/designed. Too bad it cost Dave quite a bit of money. If I'm not mistaken, that's his first attempt at shipping a game in a cardboard box. I still have no idea what's in it, since I never opened it.
Post edited November 20, 2012 by lowyhong