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A DRM-free, AAA, new title on Yes! We decided to promote this highly-anticipated RPG by our sister company CD Projekt RED as a one time special.

We just couldn't resist the opportunity to offer you the best pre-order offer for The Witcher 2 you'll find in the world. First of all, you don't have to pay upfront for the pre-order. Pre-order The Wicher 2 on now and pay for it at the release. If you make the pre-order on you'll get loads of free bonuses: instant access to some exclusive bonus content from The Witcher 2, a 10% discount, a free copy of one of five classic RPG's from and much more. Check out the full pre-order offer and make your pre-order for The Witcher 2 here.

I was reading the pre order page, which I might add is wonderfully designed! Read about the 16$ that I get compensated for (bloody Steam!), the DRM free aspect, the free game, the instant swag, the later swag and I suddenly pressed Pre-order.

I then realised that I had done it. Then came the thoughts about if I can even run the game. But then came the thought that said: screw it!

I fully support this! At this point I don't even care if the game turns out to be a turd. I feel good for supporting this wonderful initiative. And now I also have a deadline for finishing the first one. Stupid Dike!

So congratulations, gog and CDP, you managed to get me to press a button and spend money with no thoughts whatsoever! That's pretty impressive!
gyokzoli: Witcher 2 does not have Steam Cloud support and achievements.
gulldarek: According to devs it does. That's what they said during the conference.
yep. That were the "cool features" the Steam release has to offer. But I can live without them and will pre-order here :]
I already preordered the physical collector's edition, but this is an offer i can't deny.
No DRM, multiple languages, goodies, extra game, even a compensation for us Europeans.
Thank you.
Still on the fence with this one for two reasons:

1. Can't really affort it right now and don't know if I can affort it by the time of the release (need to wait at least january to make good estimate). Yes I know I don't have to pay until then.

2. My current computer can't handle it. I'm planning graphics card upgrade next year but again money is tight.
Pre-ordered here because I heart me some GOG. I love achievements but I decided I love GOG more.
Hehe . . . never thought I would buy a new release again . . . EVER!!! Thanks for this GOG guys and gals. A special thanks to CD Projekt for having the guts to release it DRM free . . . =)

Edit: Make me smile . . . put the cover on my game shelf . . . =D

Edit 2: Make my lady smile . . . add a female Witcher character.
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Before I buy it I actually need to beat the first one. XD
Pre-ordered on principle, Now I just need to get around to finishing the first!
I have pre-ordered instantly.
I would have paid instantly too without thinking twice!

I have no idea what this game is about ..
I think it'll be cool .. witcher 1 got great reviews ..
but that's besides the point.

an AAA title DRM free ??
that's a first in the history of computer gaming!!
This is how gaming should be.

After this, I would sell my grandmother to support GOG and CDProjekt!

I would buy any other new game that gets released DRM free!
only way to support a change in this direction is to vote with your dollars not with words!

do something .. spread the word! .. tweet .. facebook .. convince your grandmother to pre-order!
shadi.lahham: I have no idea what this game is about ..
The Witcher Enhanced version is less than $20 USD and the 1.5 patch removes the DRM. You could be playing that DRM free till we get the new release . . . =)

Just remember you have to apply the 1.5 patch for the TAGES to be removed.
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Pre-ordered here as well.
A pre-order offer that runs up to the last minute? GOG, you have made every tiny detail of this offer as good as it can possibly be!

. . . now to see about the first game . . .
shadi.lahham: I have no idea what this game is about ..
Stuff: The Witcher Enhanced version is less than $20 USD and the 1.5 patch removes the DRM. You could be playing that DRM free till we get the new release . . . =)

Just remember you have to apply the 1.5 patch for the TAGES to be removed.
You're awesome, thanks!

(although I really want it via GOG because that would be cool, I could give them cash, AND I could avoid having the DRM ever installed, even briefly. *shudder*)
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otaviolucas: I'm going to pre-order just to support GoG. Anyway it's cheaper for me than buying a disc copy, since in Brazil a new release pc game it's 99 Reais (that would be around 57 US Dollars).
GameRager: For reals? 0.o
Yeah, gamers in Brazil suffer, most because of ours taxes. Videogames are even worse. I don't buy from local stores, but some people do, and they pay for a new release videogame something around 170 Reais (99 USD).
I, on the other hand, import my games from UK and Hong Kong, so i don´t buy them overpriced, the only con it's because sometimes it takes almost 30 days to receive the game. At least I pay the just price.

I forgot to tell: when I import my games I usually don't pay the import taxes because of the small value, so the customs just let it through, our IRS don't tax all the packages (don't really know why)
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I didn't like Witcher 1 (boring female characters, sloppy dubbing, so-so storylines) despite of liking the pentalogy but I'll support this just for sake of distribution concept.

How come that it is not possible to offer a new game for $ instead of €? I mean in the end Europeans can still purchase a game from US shop for cheap $ (like I was used to), so what is the problem?
Frictional Games are available online for $ even if the company is Sweden.
Plus, GOG already offers its games for $.
I'm just asking because I seriously don't understand the reasoning.