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^carries around a can of cheese spray in his left pocket and crackers in his right.
^Smells his own finger.
^ pays the bus driver extra to allow themselves to finger themself on the bus.
^Is the bus driver.
^ Is constantly spinning around in front of the mirror hoping to catch the reflection off guard.
^ Is trying to catch that turkey for dinner but it won't walk into the noose
^ So, this is the actual guy that slits the turkeys throat at Christmas, who else would actually know such stuff :)
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^ watches said act dressed in a turkey outfit because extreme sports are tame
Sachys: ^ watches said act dressed in a turkey outfit because extreme sports are tame
has blocked me in August and still hasn't unblocked me, after one single short argument.
I don't hate you, and if you're ready anytime to un-hate me back it would be very welcomed. You don't have to like me or even talk to me (or any roll-eyes social things) and there is no obligation whatsoever but I would appreciate an unblock as a gesture of mutual reconciliation. One small click for an ape* = one great step towards world peace!

*or monkey, I don't want to offend by mis-classifying
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^ Would love a roast turducken for a Holiday meal :D
(It's an excellent modern version of the medieval roasting smaller birds inside larger birds)
^ Has sushi on occasion yet doesn't consider it cannibalism due to a legal interpretation of religious canon.
^ Likes to hang around the house all the time xD
^ is actually the lovechild of Liberace
^Was Liberace's lovechimp who gave birth to the lovechild above.