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^ Asked Marcus for a demonstration of how well Dischord 'knew' him and that was all he got out of Aurelius
^ Has many more stolen marble penises from famous statues. Does not share like a good person! O_____o
^ Doesn't believe in the Quantummy Kitty, who has all these and many more missing treasures in his possession ^_^
^ Invented the Quantummy Kitty; this way they can go on satisfying their treasure looting fetish while someone else takes the blame.
Or credit - depends on who you ask.
^ Has the key to the Pope's Poophouse
^ Fed the Qiantummy Kitty kibble from Alpha Centauri, which is why such odd stuff has been declared treasures and hidden in kitty nests. (Usually he likes yarn and socks best)
Cat food....
^ Bird molester.
Works as reindeer for Santa Claus on holidays to earn some extra cash.