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Resorts to giving the bird after a lost argument
Eats chicken medium-rare.
^Stupid jerk killed the thread. Hate that guy.
^Dug up a necro thread.
^Is now dancing
^is now recording gixgox dancing to learn how to dance lime him!
the fact is, that there are no facts about this user. they've been all erased by cia hackers
Your glasses need cleaning. There IS data of this user here.
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Fact: You have a stalker...
Fact: You are always stating obvious facts! I have already told before in one of "my" threads, that i am being tailed and followed sometimes and even have people souring my new deals and openings. Anything new you can guess about me, without me hinting or revealing it fully, beforehand?
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The reason why his avatar looks so grumpy is that he just found out his wife spend all their money for shoes. The funny thing is that he don't know yet that his son crashed the family car...