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is going ti gift me the entire GOG library
Tries to use Jedi mind tricks --unsuccessfully.
Has gifted the entire gog library to me, already! :P
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....must have a fever, they are delusional!
tries to shit on heads of people while flying above them
Tries to imitate Angela Merkel.
Tries to DATE Angela Merkel!
has to date angela merkel to pay off all the greece debts
Doesn't know that i could bang Merkel gladly. Not to pay off my debts because i never owed anything to anyone, but to convert her from supposed christianity over to tantra and the left paths of spiritualism!
likes to brag about his knowledge of tantra and the left paths of spiritualism, although he hasn't any
Prays to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for bigger meatballs.
does the same, but for higher spagetti lenght
Is still waiting for his/her porn download to be finished.
Makes apehater's porn addiction public in pornleaks.
Doesn't know the symbol on his avatar, is actually an Algiz rune reversed. Or that in the past, structures, parts of structures or their interiors, especially old Germanic ones, could be made in the resemblance of a rune (Stephen Flowers).
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