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Has a weird fetish with his masks.
Hasn't got a hunter's license, yet still, holds a gun.
Is never gonna give me up

Is never gonna let me down

Is never gonna run around or desert me.
Somehow got to know of my Ex(s). And tries to confuse me by impersonating one of them!?
Doesn't have a wardrobe to chat with; therefore he bores the internet to death.
He is actually taller than that, he just wanted to pull a prank on picture day.
Considers vaseline on toast a delicacy.
That boss' secretary finally dated him and "hammered" him, mmmmm...
that look, when your date didn't end as expected
eats peas individually.
Eats his candy bars with a knife and fork.
He doesn't need nappies anymore, he at last succeeded with his potty training.