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^ Owns a second eye. However it was lost gambling on super secret underground decoupage competitions.
^ In reality hates meat and is a diehard vegetarian asshole that likes to go on long rants at restaurants by asserting the moral superiority of kale.
Turned radiation into profit.
His avatar shows his rape-face.
The silencer has been silenced by a squib load of his gun.
Has a strange affection for silence and squib loads
Almost ferreted me out!
Is busy weaving a veil of deceit and illusions and trickery to prevent being ferreted out on ...
Previous measures nearly proved to be inadequate

So close ... , next time, King Bradley, ... :p
^ User name is "Vein lore" with vowels & space removed.
Harasses moose.
At some point in the past, got bitten by a moose and subsequently sacked
Has researched upon the forbidden art of Pope Honorius.
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