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MOTIVATION: No doubt, the Gog team already know most of the games they are trying to obtain rights to sell. However, I want to give the Gog team some priority and let them know which games seem to be most vied for and within budget (modeled a bit after shirt.woot). I believe they already are in the works in trying to get the Bioware and other Interplay or Black Isle games. This thread will help keep them encouraged in dogging after those game titles that they still don't have and that we want... besides the profits, that is.
1) For votes, post in here.
2) For nomintations, post here with game (series) title and state that you are nominating.
3) If you are vouching for a nomination, state the game (series) title and which number vouch you are (first, second, third, fourth, etc.).
4) The minimum requirement is 10 nominations for the game before I keep track of the votes for the games.
5) If you want to make an AMENDMENT or change to your votes, then please make a NEW POST stating your previous post number and its votes and then your new votes.
Let me know if there are any games that are either freeware (please post a link as proof) or are impossible for Gog to obtain (some were suggesting LucasArts games were unlikely?).
If you had five games to BUY from this list (not games that are good, but ones you will buy), which ones would they be? (If you have a specific game in mind within a series, just state the series.)
Updated as of Post 16.
7th Guest
(3) Alpha Centauri + Xpac
(1) Anachronox
(2) Arcanum
(3) Baldur's Gate series
(1) Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
(3) Blood series
(2) Civilizations II
(2) Crusader series
Day of the Tentacle
Deus Ex
Discworld series
Dune series
(2) Dungeon Keeper series
(2) Eye of the Beholder series
(3) Full Throttle
Gabriel Knight series
(3) Grim Fandango
Heroes of Might and Magic series
Homeworld series
Icewind Dale series
(2) Interstate 76
(1) Jazz Jackrabbit
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Leisure Suit Larry
(1) Lemmings
(1) Little Big Adventure
(1) Lord of the Realms series
(2) Master of Orion II
(3) Mechwarrior series
(1) Might and Magic series
(2) Monkey Island series
Myth series
(7) Planescape Torment
Quest series (King's, Police, Space, etc.)
Septerra Core
Settlers II
Shadow Warrior
Star Wars: Dark Forces, and Jedi Knight 1
Syndicate series
(3) System Shock series
Terra Nova
(2) Thief series
Total Annihiliation
(2) Wing Commander series
(1) Wizardry 8
(2) X-Com series
(3) X-Wing/Tie Fighter
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Blood series
Eye of the Beholder series
Planescape Torment
Syndicate series
Wizardry 8
System Shock Series
X-Wing/Tie Fighter
Monkey Island Series
Grim Fandango
Planescape Torment
System Shock series
Monkey Island series
Little Big Adventure 1+2
Alpha Centauri + xpac
X-Com series
Planescape: Torment
Baldur's Gate series
Masters of Orion II
Grim Fandango
Full Throttle
System Shock Series
Full Throttle
Planescape Torment
Blood Series
Is Crusade series supposed to be Crusader series? If so I vote for that else I vote for Gabriel Knight series
Yes. Crusader series, it is
Votes: Wing Commander Series
Mechwarrior Series
Interstate 76
Crusader Series
Baldur's Gate I
Mechwarrior Series
Planscape Torment
System Shock Series
X-Com Series
Might and Magic series (especially World of Xeen)
Eye of the Beholder
Planescape Torment
Alpha Centauri (I actually own a retail cd that I found in the Op shop for $2)
Master of Orion 2
That will be all for now...
X-Wing/Tie Fighter
Wing Commander series
Privateer series
Dungeon Keeper
Mechwarrior series
X-wing/TIE Fighter
Lords of the Realms Series
Civilization 2
Alpha Centuri + expenasion
Dungeon Keeper series
Jazz Jackrabbit series
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
Interstate 76
Baldur's Gate series
Mechwarrior series
Monkey Island series
Thief series
Planescape Torment
Grim Fandango
Full Throttle
Interstate '76
Thief series