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I often drop some spare codes on ninja thread, but mostly they get ninja'd instantly and I don't know if it's lurker or fellow GOG'er. So I thought I could start my own thread with some speclal rules.

1st. You have to play the game for 2 hours in the first week! I'll get the winner's Steamid and check out if he/she played the game, then list the elite warriors and filthy cowards :D (+I'll kill the cowards). Since I won't be able to do this for GOG, GG, Desura, etc, I will ask for a few screenshots instead.

2nd. This won't be a traditional ninja giveaway, but it'll be close. Sometimes the first PM or quote will win, sometimes I'll wait for 5-10 entrants and select the winner through

3rd. You need 30 rep or 1 year old account to enter.

Now I can start, I'm gonna give all 6 The Name Your Own Price Indie Gamer Bundle games, starting with Blades of Time. I want 10 entrants now, just post "I'm in" and I'll draw the winner after 10 entries.


Blades of Time: Barefoot_Monkey (Status: Elite Warrior!)
Aztaka: robb5 (Status: Elite Warrior!)
SpaceChem: dr.zli (Status: Elite Warrior!)
Shadows on the Vatican - Act 1: Greed: Sachys (Status: Elite Warrior!)
iBomber Defense: mefito1996 (Status: Elite Warrior!)
The Journey Down: Chapter One: SirEyeball (Status: Elite Warrior!)
Metro 2033: ne_zavarj (Status: Sentenced to death by lapidation!)
Shank 2: Cancelled (Status: Steamgifts'd)
Multiwinia: dracomage1996 (Got the game on 09/05)

Current Giveaway
Zombie Shooter:
Post edited May 15, 2013 by grynn
I AM NOT IN <-- since no interest in playing the game (inb4)

But this sounds really interesting, so the concept of the giveaway.
+1 for ya grynn

A challenge, eh? I'm in!
Sounds strange... sure, why not!

I'm in
Thanks and +1! I'll give it a go, looks pretty interesting. Great giveaway idea, btw.
I'm in,thanks :)

(I already have Journey Down, by the way).
+1. I always wanted to have Blades of Time in my collection and not play it. Wait, you said I need to play it? What a strange concept. I never considered that games are something which may be played. Doesn't really compute, so I'm not entering.
I'm in ?
I'm in. Blades of Time seems good - I'd love to play it. Thanks, grynn.
I'm in.
Post edited April 21, 2013 by robb5
Not in, but thanks. :D
I'm in.
Not in this time, but I'll certainly keep an eye on the thread...

+1 for you sir.