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Yea or Nay? Saw it mentioned in another post and was curious on the general feel. Consider I do love pirate based games and will put up with a lot for an occasional "shiver me timbers". but it has to be amusing at least if not a great game.
that's the problem with paradox games :X you cant say nay or ye , the game has its bad parts as well as good ones........get the game when its cheaper , it does not have an epic OMG pirate story that you wont regret missing .
I don't know if it helps, but I've just read a review in a game magazine about it, and the reviewer (himself a big fan of such games) gave it 62%, saying the thing that kills the game is its utter dullness - he says the campaign lacks innovation and mostly consists of "go here and sink this ship"-style missions. Also, he says the battles are waaay too simplified (you try to catch up with the enemy ship and then shoot at it until it sinks) and going from one point to another is very boring.
Aside from the boredom, he says it could be a funny little game, but nowhere near other, at least halfway decent pirate-themed games.
Well, you should be able to download the demo version. I gave it a try but didn't play through it. I found it bland, lacking depth, and in some phases, it had poor controls. Also I had to dealt with frequent CTDs. With some polishing it could have been enjoyable, but in its present state, no thanks.

One should still stick to Sid Meier's Pirates, 2004 remake. No serious rival in seven years, alas.