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JCD-Bionicman: Eh? Did you read what I wrote? If someone donated ME a dollar I probably wouldn't bother cashing it in either, but being corporations they have people managing finances for them, so they do whatever "busywork" they're paid to do, regardless about how they feel about it. Understand now?
keeveek: You clearly don't understand two things:
a) how accounting works
b) that time isn't infinite good [typo?].

Accounting for such huge companies is a bitch. They usually barely manage to "close" the books within accounting periods anyway. And no, expanding the accounting office for few extra bucks isn't worth it This is why big companies choose not to sell directly - they rather want to receive bigger amounts of money at once from distributors than counting every small transaction alone. You think they are playing checkers now and watching redtube so they have plenty extra time for accounting your pennies?

For smaller companies, indie devs etc., it should be much easier, and indie companies usually provide you with bank account data needed for donations.

Also, why do yoy ask a question if you react with aggression to response? No wonder your rep is the lowest of lows.
Consider being blacklisted.
My low rep is due to ignorant kiddie-fucks that are hypocritical to the label of "troll" that they throw out so often. It looks like you're one of them. As you can clearly see unless you are fucking blind, I was not rude to you. I might not have softened my words for the sake of your ego, but no one should have to.
I think your really overestimating the amount of effort it would take to accept a donation, regardless of it's size, but since I don't really know shit about it in the first place I can only guess, so since you seem to know so much about it (or are pretending to) I won't argue further.
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Now that you are on the topic of piracy :
TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard,