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I think Molyneux is a giant dildo, so I won't be supporting his Kickstarter.
oasis789: Not really what I'd be into but I'm glad that the big names are considering kickstarter route instead of traditional publishers. This is the beginning of the end for them
Aver: Yeah, Ubisoft, Activision etc. are doing so poorly lately... Those hundreds of millions they earned in one day on release of Assassin's Creed and Black Ops 2...

I'm not a fan of big publishers, but such posts are stupid. Why people can't appreciate small, indie games like those on Kickstarter and big games with huge budgets at the same time?
Not to mention that the development costs on those games are running into 10 figured millions... the largest kickstarter so far was around 5 million? which is about a 1/4 of Black Opps development costs....
I just checked the project page, and they're 50% funded with 12 days to go. According to kicktraq, they are trending to finish under their goal.

They still may have a good chance at being funded, but things dropped off considerably after the start.
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Call of Duty isn't representative of how most AAA games have performed lately. There were what, two breakout hits the entire year for new AAA IP? (Dark Souls, Dishonored?)