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Tulivu: From AAA producers? I'd say no. Indie devs seem to be trying to pick up the slack but all I have seen is creative gameplay like Minecraft and Terraria and no solid RPG's. If one could kick one out I would love to support them. I love games that run smooth on older engines and laptops. I think there is a big market that isn't being tapped ;) there.
I suggest you investigate people like Spiderweb Software (Avernum, Geneforge), Gaslamp Games (Dungeons of Dreadmore), the Indie Games DB, or pretty much anything on There's tons of good stuff being made all the time; it's just that indie devs have no money for marketing.
orcishgamer: do you have a goatee?
orcishgamer: But seriously, excellent suggestions for games, you could run a lot of the Spiderweb games on a netbook, in fact.
You could run a lot of their games on an abacus.