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thogu61: So that means, that paysafecard should offer a business-model (for dealers) to grant a better bargain? Then there's still the question - for me little stupid I am - why paysafecard does not offer such a model. No dealer, even not paysafecard, may prosper on long terms, if he is too greedy.
JMich: Again, hypothetical talk.
A flat fee is much better for the payer on larger transactions. Take for example the exchange fee for some of the UK cards. The fee is always 1.5 pounds, no matter if the transaction was $4 or $400, so in the first case it's about 75% of the transaction, in the second it's 0.75% of it. A percentage fee of 2% is better for smaller transactions, though one could claim that it's always the same.
I don't know the reasons GOG doesn't accept PaysafeCard, and seeing how many people ask for it, it does suck. The transaction fees is one possibility, another is lack of support for Cyprus, where GOG is financially located (again, no idea if this is true or not). I do have faith in GOG though, and I believe that they are evaluating more payment methods, and if they are found to be viable, they will be added. One can only hope though :/
Thank you for your patience, but I am in for today. Will be back next evening.
wow that is really interesting with the fees... didnt know all that. But i am assuming that is the point, consumers dont really know that.
Why not make it so that for transaction 25 and up you can use the PSC? Is that a possibility? Cuz then everyone wins? no? ;)
I second this motion. If paysafecard was an option, I wouldn't have to beg for my one game in the forums.
Can't you get a pre-paid (credit) card and link it to paypal?

You will have the card you need to link your bank account to paypal
Sorry, well I just reeived some money today, but am still not in the position yet to open a prepaid-creditcard. But to be honest, IF I had a prepaidcreditcard, I would use it directly and not involve PayPal in addition. OK, using PayPal would grant me, that my PPC-card data would be safe - but if in any transactions might get something wrong, I might have troubles, to find out, where the problem lies. I am sure you know that stuff: GOG would tell first, it's mistake of PayPal vice versa, PayPal would first assume, that the problem may be originated by GOG. This kind of situation always need an additional effort, before you really can begin to clear and to solve anything.

ANOTHER point: I just asked GOG yesterday concerning paysafecard, and they answered my question to that, that GOG is thinking over the possibilities of adding new paymentchannels, but is not intending in the near future, to implement paysafecard as option for payment. Well I guess, I'd find a way to establish a prepaidcard BEFORE they will establish psc. By the way, it will be all simplier with a ppc then, because this works everywhere and I really had the possibility to rule other problems of daily payments by ppc. So I decide, it's worth another try now.

In the meantime, however, it would perhaps also be a solution, if one could send psc-moneys to owners of ppc or cc owners which they could use for doing orders with GOG in favour of the one, which sent them the money? Hope I am expressing understandable, as English is not my mothertongue, I am sometimes a little bit challenged, outlining this kind of business-transactions-stuff.

Finally, I'll also have to give out one great thank to JMich, because his explications really help understand, why psc is not quite favorized as payment-method.
mrking58: Can't you get a pre-paid (credit) card and link it to paypal? You will have the card you need to link your bank account to paypal
but then you would still have to deal with the bureaucracy of PP... they are just ridiculous and make everything so complicated... Prepaid CC is not bad, but then why not just accept the PSC?! lol