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high rated
I just purchased a couple Paradox bundles on Amazon and ended up with several Steam retail keys for games I already own. Post if you grab......Enjoy

East India Company Collection 0FZVE-Q9NJG-2YFI4

King Arthur Collection F6N2E-QFC7P-YTG4P-TB2LR-J8CSY

Commander Conquest of the Americas EPQP8-VP69R-7JTPC

Commander Expansion Colonial Navy 0XBGJ-KLW2C-L5J7R

Victoria II (two keys available)



Victoria II Expansion - A House Divided 35M0Y-54JYF-KCEY5
+1 for the generosity. :) (And no, I didn't grab. Got most of those DRM-free already.) :)
Should have been a first to PM gig, dude. Lurkers snap these things up like crazy.

I'm not going to redeem them even though I'm interested in a few of them. Give the other GOG users here a chance to grab them. :)

+1 to you, mate.
I got a Victoria II!

Awesome surprise, many thanks!

I was just about to close the lid on the laptop and go to bed, and now I'm downloading a game from my wishlist! :D

+1 and much good karma to you =)
ouch!... King Arthur Collection... :(

thanks anyway mate!
Post edited November 29, 2012 by Stooner
didnt grab any of them
They gone!

+1 but yeah. next time make it more of a random giveaway.
Thanks and +1 for your generosity. I didn't grab any key, mostly because I'm not a strategy gamer... (:P)
NR, but thanks and +1 for your generosity, bwalk!