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Thought there might be people here you used to play the Kai Lords Choose your own adventue books.
The Seventh Sense is a fantastic computer adaptionmade under the Project Aon license.
Version 1.6 covers the 5 Kai Lords books and Book 1 of the Magnakai
Get it here
*points at own name* ^_^
Project Aon is a great site for HTML versions of the books, and Mongoose Publishing are selling re-writes of them, and updated to be better. And in hard-back. ^_^
With the never-released final 4 books in the series.
And not the aborted, butchered American versions, either :D
The Lone Wolf game books are great. The writing is professional and the story can easily be compared with writers like David Eddings. The world/universe it describe is huge and have just the right amount of detail to get you a general idéa so your imagination get enough room.
If you happen to have the first books ( I have them in swedish.) you're lucky because the artwork is one of the best I've found. It fit the universe perfectly. It's a pity that the original artist quit after a couple books but the new artists are also very good. I still miss the original artist...
One thing I really like about them is that the choices you make is mostly logical. Yeah there are some instant deaths that you can avoid only by trial and error but they are few. If you keep mental notes or write them down when you read you'll find you almost always have been given enough information to make the right choice. Something like someone you meet on the road tell you in passing that a city is ruled by a oppressive family. You know where it is because there is a map in the game book. So if you happen to get into a fight and kill one of that family it might be worth having in mind when you get to a crossroad without a sign and all you have to go on is the compass. ;)
I'm currently playing Flight from the dark and I have just finished book 1. I used to play some books in HTML versions, but I have to say that the 7th sense software is absolutely awesome.
Thx Karlallen.