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Today Larian started Original Sin on Kickstarter. They are also explaining in a video the features and elements of the game. The aim is to enlarge production und different situations like quests, options, effects, events, charcters, monsters etcetc...

I am really teased as fan of the Divinity Game. At last Larian will maybe make a modern game, even an old-school-cRPG, with everything they want to make. Espeacally when you think about what they told in hatching the dragon about the publishers. At this site, Larian should try every possibility making this game like they want to except selling their souls. And this Kickstarter-project has the possibility of success.
On the other side I'm warily about kickstarter. Sure, gamers can support their favourite projects and are helping the developers for more independency to make games more multifaceted. Theoratically.
I am absolute sure there are some creative supporters, but what will games become in future (I mean it in a general way) , when everybody is spending a little conversation or idea to it (when he paid enough). Will not the games become too typical ununique because each supporter is connected a bit, that in the whole result the games are nearing to each other in theyr literal possibilaty? It maybe looks now different, because we are right in a break from typical developer/publisher-circulations to more free2play, crowdfounding and indiedevelopment, were more and more people got the possibility for self-publishing.

I also think that the Divinity-series is one of the best for such experiments and Larian one of the best developer for it. Original Sin was before confusingly ment by different journalists allready beeing on Kickstarter.
I can't wait for the game, which is signed for novembre 2013, also on Steam and GOG.

What do you think about the game and Larians try on Kickstarter?
Looks pretty awesome, now if only I had the money to pledge, lol.
I've already spent some money on Torment: Tides of Numenera, but that doesn't hold me back from helping out the good guys (and girls) from Larian Studios. Also, the 25$ tier looks like a great opportunity to get a great game for a great price.
I'll be backing this at the $25 tier for sure. I still haven't finished the older Divinity games, but have them all here on GOG and am glad it's an option to redeem it here if you back the Kickstarter. Seeing that makes the decision so much easier, as I know I'll just be buying it here once it's out anyway. :)
I do need to get round to playing the older versions started divine divinity but got distracted this does look fun though I'm always keen on games that let you face problems though different methods
This was one game I'd planned on picking up at release anyway, so it's an absolutely easy decision for me to back it.
Females in the game need to petition for a proper armor set.
Larian deserves all the support they can get! These days they are pretty much the only European developer besides CD Project (Piranhas fucked up a bit with Risen 2), that i can always count on to deliver at least a solid RPG.
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Well I've just upped my pledge from 25 to 40$.
2 copies of the game 20$ each + free soundtrack? A no-brainer.
Usually I don't like the idea of Kickstarter where some people come together, make incredible sounding pomises and then expect people to throw money at them with no insurance at all (unlike real investors). However, these "Kickfinishers" are fine in my opinion, the game is basically there and you have at least something to judge instead of just some some awesome promises (play any Troika RPG and you can see that ideas alone are not enough). Plus the rewards are actually pretty good, 25$ for a PC game on day one is quite a good deal. Of course this only applies if the game itself is actually any good, and unfortunately there is no way to know at this point, so I won't pledge. I'd rather pay more when I know what I'm getting than gamble.

On an unrelated note, I think it's a shame the Mac version will come out later, I'd like to have a boxed copy, but I don't want a pure Mac version, I'd like it the way Blizzard does it where you get the Windows and Mac version in one box. Or put a code in the box that lets me redeem a digital download from the developers' site. I was able to register my boxed copy of Diablo II on and get a digital download and I was able to register my boxed copy of The Witcher on GoG and just download the Mac version. I never buy pure Mac versions because they alays get treated as second class by developers despite being more expensive. I'd rather just play the Windows version through Wine.
Yet another awesome kickstarter from a group of proven developers.
Very excited for this.
People's wallets might be drained from Torment and Shroud of the Avatar, but I'm hoping this still gets a nice chunk of money.
2013-2014 are the RPG revival years it seems.
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I have never supported a KS project, but Larian are one of my favourite studios, so I will definately support thisd, thanks for the heads up :)
25$ for a new turn-based RPG from the Divinity guys here on GOG (where it'll be next to its brothers)... Well, eating is for the weak.

I still need to play the older ones, but I'm going through Divinity 2 right now and I think it's pretty good. The gameplay looks solid, and even the multiplayer seems to be good (at least at its concept). I'm sold.
This looks amazing, I'm gonna have to back it. Gonna have to wait a bit though since I already dropped $85 on games over the last 3 days ($60 on Bioshock Infinite/Bioshock/Spec Ops the Line/Xcom/$30 in Blue coins and $25 on Dishonored).
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Make sure to drop a vote at the wishlist! ;)