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nadenitza: Make sure to drop a vote at the wishlist! ;)
Why? :) It's already certain that the game will be available on GOG:
"You get a digital copy of Divinity" Original Sin for Windows PC, Mac or Linux via your preferred digital retailer such as Steam or if available."

And GOG wouldn't refuse the game. I'm sure that GOG will be pretty happy that they can sell this since its release date.
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Pledged $65 for the box, wouldve gone for $95 but I already have 2 copies of div 1 and beyond and 3 copies of Divinity 2, think I supports them enough lol. Also spent too much money on Kickstarter, hope it deducts money after my salary comes in next month.
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Wait, why is every tier limited? At first I thought the $25 tier was one of those early bird things, but then I realized that every tier has an arbitrary maximum. So once they sell ten thousand copies, that's it? That's kind of dumb, putting a glass ceiling on your possible funding.

Looks good, though. Might impulse pledge if they add Paypal support, but I've already funded so many Kickstarters...
Thats the dude from the Divine Divinity (GOG) promo a while back. I am very interested in this new project. To paraphase "shut up and take my money". I still have this video in my favorites on my YouTube channel.

Edit: 400K is a very reasonable goal, I will be pledging asap.
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tolknaz: Larian deserves all the support they can get! These days they are pretty much the only European developer besides CD Project (Piranhas fucked up a bit with Risen 2), that i can always count on to deliver at least a solid RPG.
The Germanics are bringing the incline with Chaos Chronicles this summer.
I'd say it's limited as they aren't a new company just starting out and they have a fine pedigree in this genre, they just need a hand to help complete the game in a timely manner.
I also own the games on GOG and even the 360-Version of Dragon Knight Saga. So I supported their games like the most here.

It's weird they are not releasing all their other games to spent more money for their projects. I mean were are L.E.D. Wars and the Monkey Tales Games on GOG?

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tolknaz: "tolknaz: Larian deserves all the support they can get! These days they are pretty much the only European developer besides CD Project (Piranhas fucked up a bit with Risen 2), that i can always count on to deliver at least a solid RPG. "

Hoho. Someone who wanna talk about european RPGs.^^ Well of course without a release on Steam or GOG a Game will be outta sight of most people. Even in the near countries. That's why everyone hears about north american games and on specific sites about japanese ones. But even when europe is out of rulers in the genre, they are still making the interesting games I think.
The Germans are upcoming this year with a lot of The dark eye again. Blackguard by Daedalic (the ones who made Edna & Harvey and Deponia), Demonicon by Kalypso and the first Realm of Arcania will come this year in HD. But the marketing about these games, espaceally out of Germany is really bad.
Fenixp: Females in the game need to petition for a proper armor set.
I know I will request one for my henchwoman.
They said all the right things in the Kickstarter-video, and the combat looks great.

I'm on the fence, though. I'm pretty certain this game will get a retail release, and I'd like to get it in a box for a reasonable price. If it doesn't - well, they need someone to sell it to at launch anyway. If it looks like they're having trouble reaching their goal, I might change my mind, but for now I'll just hope it succeeds and wait for the release.
Backed for the happy sheplee in the editor.

Btw. it's old school guys, so Boris Vallejo and Frazetta chain mail bikinis for everyone!
I'm totally surprised. They are nearly a quarter in the second day. Larian has more supporters than I thought. They shouldn't make themselves smaller as they are.
RPGler: How can I quote like you?
Easiest way is to reply, which opens a post window with the previous post in quote tags (which you can shorten or trim to only display the portion of the post you want). Also you can copy and paste what you want to quote and add a quote tag with the previous post's number (you can find the number by highlighting over the post and looking next to the time stamp.

So to quote you like I did at the top, you would write " [ quote_22 ]How can I quote like you?[ /quote ] " with the spaces in the tags removed.
Kunovski: twentyfived!
I swear I've heard this in a song somewhere, but I can't place it...
Decided to back this, i always thought they were a decent size for a studio, so im surprised they actually gone to KS for funding.
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