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Not only do you have to pay a monthly fee, and not only are the games priced up to $40, but every game has a duration until June 17, 2013. That means even the OnLive faithful will be stabbed through the fucking heart, because even after you buy your games, they can just take them from you.
In all fairness, it might be a rolling end date used as a form of permanent subscription.
If they can rent and sell the games, they'd need to have the database specify an access limit and it'd have to be applied for both options or they'd need to list rentals and sales seperately wich would be a pain in the arse, I imagine that the xbox movie rent/buy system would do the same
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Full price games? Argh.
OnLive sounds less appealing the more I read about it.
kiva: OnLive sounds less appealing the more I read about it.

OnLive is altering the deal. Pray they don't alter it any further.
They probably need to cut down the number of users so their servers won't get DDoSed once they finally come out.
I figure they should be able to handle 10 users or so, so they're right on track.
kiva: OnLive sounds less appealing the more I read about it.
Andy_Panthro: OnLive is altering the deal. Pray they don't alter it any further.

The Force is strong with this one. ;-)
I find the overbelly pretty seedy so this isn't much news to me. :)
I don't really understand why this is surprising to anyone. Some people have hailed Cloud gaming as the second coming of Jay Miner, but it was obvious to me that if anything it would lead the market in a less desirable direction for us consumers.
It was always clear that a service like this would depend on subscription fees to keep it running. And obviously the games wouldn't be free - publishers have no reason to ask any less for their games on OnLive than they do on Steam or whatever. So it was always going to be subscriptions + full price for new games. And of course you'd lose access to the games you've, ahem, bought (and your save games, profiles, et.c.) the moment you decided not to subscribe any more.
That's a key part of the whole business plan: Keep paying or lose access to your games library and everything you've achieved over the last few years.
Furthermore, I am pretty sure that games will eventually be removed from these services as they became outdated and less profitable. Why waste valuable server resources on games that aren't pulling in the dough?
I haven't tried this system but for now it doen't sound anything appealing to me.
Let's see:
1 - you have to pay fully priced (excessively) games
2 - You have to pay a monthly fee to play the games that you have bought
3 - You never own the games
4 - If you ever get tired of the system, have no more money to pay, etc you lose everything
5 - Join to that some ISP's prices that charge by the ammount of traffic you make
Is there anything else i forgot to mention?
Nope, it doesn't seem as i will ever be attracted to this.
To put things in perspective, here's a quote from a Eurogamer commenter:
"So you're a casual gamer and you really don't have the money to spend on a console or decent PC, so you pay $14.99* a month plus $19.99 for Red Faction and get to play it on you PC. It costs you about $199.99 for one year - or you could buy a 360 Arcade for $149.99 & RFG for $17.73 (taken from Amazon US)."
If this was like GameTap or Metaboli, giving access to every game ever for your $180 with no added fees, this would be a great deal for those that would otherwise buy a few new releases each year at retail prices (which would soon meet or exceed the subscription cost). As it is it's a horrible rip-off that gouges both your wallet and internet connection and leaves you with nothing.
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This is like sitting in a gaming club, paying as you play. In other words, you only own .!.
(if you're a girl, you don't have luck with owning that one either)
Onlive is laughably shit on so many levels. I didn't think that anyone would be in such a hurry to make the gaming industry worse than it is already, but they've managed it with aplomb.
Wasnt there some one in the community who got it?
I got in on the early access free trial. The service itself works surprisingly well (very surprisingly well), the pricing scheme... not so much. If the subscription fee also included games, it really wouldn't be that bad, but since it doesn't, I won't be continuing to use it after my free trial expires.