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acemarch: Ok, if you could have one idea adopted by the world, what would it be? "Bottomless Fridays" everyone is unable to wear anything on their lower half on fridays?
Lame. How about topless Fridays? Every day is bottomless for me (I have a philosophical objection to pants).
Damuna: I have this great idea - I call it "national socialism". Do you think the world will like it?
JudasIscariot: As long as there's a "1/3 Mustache Day"in there somewhere. I have been looking for a few opportunities to use mine since 1945......
One of these days I want to sport the Fu Manchu. Maybe I'll do that, I've been sticking with the current one for quite a while now.
HereForTheBeer: I'm thinking once a year we should have a day when you can get drunk, act like an idiot and a How about, "Laugh Like a Frenchman Day"?
Oh, ho, ho, i c wut u did thar.
Post edited April 11, 2011 by hedwards
Oh - haha. That's not what I meant. Take a look at March 17 on your calendar - St Patrick's Day.

Your version is funnier, durnit. Wish I'd thought of it.
Every year on his birthday (November 15)....

Talk Like Randy Savage Day

...Oooooh Yeah!
Hmm, an outlawing of all government programs designed to redistribute wealth.

Oh, wait, I am supposed to be humorous...

Well... how about an hour or two a day (preferably during daylight) in which speed limits become speed minimums on select streets. If anyone falls below said speed limit on these roads during these hours, they are ticketed in the same fashion as one would be for going above the speed limit under normal conditions; more than 20 mph below the speed minimum and you would be ticketed for 'reckless driving' as well.