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I have an extra copy of The Witcher that I do not want to go to waste, so I'm giving it away! To enter say I'm in, include a flaw that you hate in one of your favorite games, and mention why it isn't a deal breaker. Oh and mention the name of the game too. I will try to pick a winner. If I find it too difficult I will probably use something like this thing I keep hearing about. I will make a decision in a little over 24 hours.

Thanks for the giveaway, but I'm not in as I already own it.
Post edited October 29, 2013 by DeMignon
Not in, since I bought QFG Series during the promo so I already have it.

Still +1 for the GA.
I think by now almost everyone on GoG owns TW1 either via purchase or one of the many giveaways heh.

Not in of course, but +1 to the OP for generosity.
Not in, but thanks for your generosity, Lava_Lizard!
Not in -- already got it, but +1! :-)
I'm in. One of my favorite games is Fallout New Vegas. It has one flaw that I hate that is not a deal breaker. The flaw - a lack of powerful weapons. In Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, there are lots of powerful weapons out there that can do massive amounts of damage to enemies(killing everything with 1 or 2 shots). In FNV, most of the weapons I come across are like airsoft guns and the "powerful" weapons aren't powerful enough.
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In an amazingly close competition monkeydelarge wins The Witcher!