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----------- This Giveaway Is Closed ----------------

I should be sleeping right now, but I'm not! :) to celebrate I'm 60 (stupid excuse to somehow feel I'm justifying this giveaway) I'll be giving away one Indie Gala Weekly 3 bundle for $1, small and humble one but enough to make someone here happy, this bundle includes:

- Miner Wars Arena (DRM free and Steam)
- Zombies (DRM free, Desura key and once it's greenlit a Steam one)

So, to enter just say you're in and if possible something really funny (won't increase your chances of winning but will make someone laugh :dd).

The draw will take place this coming saturday once I wake up all wasted from friday night or something.

Minimum +5 rep

Also checkout Zombies Soundtrack at bandcamp (awesome score) one of the reasons why I'm doing the giveaway and because the game totally rocks!



- HijacK

Winner: Lifthrasil

----------- This Giveaway Is Closed ----------------
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You're right about the music!
Thanks for the link!

(Not in.)
I'm in :) Those games look fun!

Hmm... I love this:

There are lots I can recommend, but that's a great one!


***edit- I forgot to mention that at the end there's some profanity, so if you're sensitive to that, then pass on it***
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You gotta be kidding! Why do all of you put rep requirements when they're so low...It's outrageous! xD Not to even mention I don't have that low , but require amount of rep.
Not in, however +1.

Thanks for the info about the Zombie soundtrack I absolutely love it, some of the tracks remind me of the techno sounds of Tron soundtrack by Daft Punk. I don't really follow techno at all, however this stuff is awesome!! I'll probably pick up the game just for the soundtrack and to support them for the great soundtrack too.
Post edited May 03, 2013 by Briareos262
Thanks for the nice giveaway!

EDIT: I'd like to enter for Lifthrasil, if I can!
Post edited May 04, 2013 by DarkoD13
Sure im in
In, thanks a bunch. Too late to be funny. :(
not in but +1
mitsadoor: not in but +1
Not in but +1.

Also, thought you were giving away S.P.A.Z :P
Congrats to being 60!! :D
Not in, though =)
not in, but thanks for the generosity!
Licurg: Also, thought you were giving away S.P.A.Z :P

Not in as well but thanks!
I will enter! The funniest thing I can think of right now is that story about the guy who spent his life savings trying to win an XBOX at a carnival, and all he got was a Rasta-banana (see I'm chuckling just typing this.) Here's a link that explains the story: