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I pledged $130, 110 for digital collector's and 20 for the expansion. Didn't want to bother with anything physical cause shipping costs.
Crosmando: I pledged $130, 110 for digital collector's and 20 for the expansion. Didn't want to bother with anything physical cause shipping costs.
Same here, and the extra for the Obsidian Order
whoops forgot about the expansion, wonder if its too late to change my order.. originally just wanted CE with t shirt lol
It's interesting how both Wasteland 2 and PoE are being published in one form or another through Deep Silver (for Wasteland 2), and Paradox (for PoE). Both are publishers not on GOG, but they both have collections of games that would fit in nicely here and many would appreciate them signing on board. They aren't any of the "big three", but if Deep Silver and Paradox ever joined with GOG it would still be a very bright day. I also know that the retail copies of PoE are specifically DRM-free, so if Paradox is only doing the retail, that means they're releasing a DRM free product. Further more they have a page on their own website stating how they don't take a pro DRM stance (not that this includes Steamworks of course though). But I was initially surprised and concerned when I saw both of these publishers working with supposed DRM-free kickstarter projects by completely independent studios. I'm a bit more at ease now (at least until the games are actually released).

I would love to see both Deep Silver and Paradox on board here. It would further strengthen our catalog.

That said, I know the Risen titles are more or less confirmed on GOG. If Deep Silver is still the publisher, and they're working with Wasteland 2, that's good news and perhaps a sure sign they will come in with some more titles in the future. From Deep Silver I'd get the Risen's, but also the Dead Islands, The Secret Files series, Metro Last Light, and probably some others. They've also got Sacred 3 and Risen 3 on the horizon.

As for Paradox, we'll have to wait and see. They have soooo many cool looking strategy games I literally salivate over whenever I visit their site. Can't wait to own many of them DRM-free, if and when that is.
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as long as deep silver and paradox have zero say in the games development or whether retail has DRM or not ( ie devs decision) I'm ok....
Deep Silver and Paradox aren't publishing the digital versions of either game, so I doubt it matters. But I think Paradox's deal with Obsidian goes further than InXile's with DS, for one Paradox is apparently going to be doing both the marketing and QA for PoE.