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As if Minecraft and his past were not enough reason to like Notch... :-)
Miaghstir: Just a tip.
Many thanks for the link! I should have known there would be an app for that. :P

Anyway, if anyone is interested, you can all find the updated version of my collection here. My madness revealed! o.o
Post edited June 01, 2011 by Skystrider
Skystrider: [...]
At least it proves that your forum title is adequate ;)
Landeril: Share the wealth?: P LOL
Maxxer: Haz no moniez, Plus i have like 100 games on my wishlist that i need to buy first :(

Been willing to give out some games or so but other stuff keeps eating my money :(
All I want is one. Icewind Dale. v.v I'm a big Forgotten Realms and D&D fan.
Is this now a who's got the biggest gog games competition ?
Petrell: God damit! I only have 132 games and have been here only 950 days! :-p
Krypsyn: I have been a member for 966 days, and I only have 1/10 of the games you have, once the free games are taken off my shelf. A lot of this is because I already physically own a great many of the games I would have bought here. However, even if I bought all those games again, I don't think I would have even half of the games you have on here. Yeesh.
I've been here 981 days and I only own 10! Worst time-as-member/games-owned ratio evah!!! Seriously though, neat to see those crazy collections in here. If only I wasn't a poor college student with bibliomania I'd join you all.
drmlessgames: Is this now a who's got the biggest gog games competition ?
There is always time for e-peni.